Fans love the fashion style that “Counting On” star Jinger Duggar Vuolo has adopted during her pregnancy. She broke with the fashion norm for women in her family when she wore pants earlier this year, Romper noted. Her shift from below-the-knee skirts and dresses to wearing pants was a much-noticed and drastic change.

TLC’s reality star Jinger has taken her fashion yet another step with her maternity wear. Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo posted a couple of photos on their Instagram accounts showing the mom-to-be wearing stylish maternity pants along with classy-heeled footwear.

Fans think that Jinger is surely one of the more chic of the Duggar family women. She has definitely taken maternity wear to new heights. Her sense of style makes a strong statement that, yes, a woman can certainly remain modest in the appropriate clothing for her taste and her life.

Fans note star’s ‘feminine modesty’ in maternity style

Though Jeremy did not include a caption or comments on his Instagram post with her photo, there is no lack of input from “Counting On” fans. Many remarked how pretty and how cute Jinger appears in her choice of maternity clothing. One fan noted what might encapsulate Jinger’s style as “feminine modesty.”

Another fan asked whether Jinger has her own “fashion blog.” In light of how well received Jinger’s sense of style is among fans, possibly such a blog could be in Jinger’s future.

Jinger definitely stands out when it comes to the definition of branching out. In Touch Weekly also noticed this trend among the Duggar women who have married and are having children of their own. Fans like that Jinger and her sisters are creating lives that mirror their personalities and individuality.

Baby Vuolo to reveal style when photos are shared

With her talent for putting together a much talked about pregnancy style, fans wait to see how Jinger fashions her baby. She is presently 23 weeks pregnant, so fans really don’t have much longer to wonder how Jinger and Jeremy’s baby will be dressed when a first photo is revealed.

Boy or girl, fans can be sure that baby Vuolo will present in-style.

While the couple’s baby is not too far from its birth date, In Touch Weekly pointed out that Jinger has stated that they have not done much prep for the baby’s arrival. The “Counting On” star noted, however, that one of their friends is giving them some items, such as a swing, for the baby.

The expectant mom and dad are happily anticipating the birth of their first baby. In Touch Weekly noted that Jinger is enjoying her pregnancy. She said that she and Jeremy are both going to be excited after the baby arrives. Jinger also pointed out that Jeremy is thrilled that he is going to be a father.