If you have been a fan of the Kardashian family for a while now, then you would know that they are quite often criticized by the general public. Well, this time it is no different, as Kim Kardashian West has just been accused by several fans online of Photoshopping one of her Instagram pictures. As hinted at before this is not the first criticism of a Kardashian Family Member, as Kim was unfairly treated by her Instagram followers when a picture of her cellulite online went viral.

What are people saying about this major Instagram Photoshop fail?

Now, this Kardashian Instagram Photoshop fail took place on Kim’s Instagram account, and the post itself has disabled its comments because everyone noticed the Photoshop edits in the picture.

What happened here was that Kim posted a picture to her Instagram account along with a caption supporting the march for our lives parade by writing: “Let’s March! @AMarch4OurLives @EveryTown (Wear Orange) BACKGRID.”

In the picture itself, fans were able to notice the Kardashian Instagram Photoshop fail as there are curvy lines on the floor to Kim’s left and the car in the picture is so edited that it looks like it has been through a crusher. I have actually attached the Instagram picture below so you can see with your own eyes what all of the fuss is all about. It is worth mentioning that in the photo Kim can be seen wearing a rather stylish outfit that consists of tight black cycling shorts, a cropped top, and an orange jacket.

With Kim not deleting the picture and instead disabling the comments, it is making many people online believe that she is owning her mistake, which was further emphasized when she uploaded more pictures after it.

What is everybody else in the Kardashian family doing at the moment?

The Kardashian family has been very busy recently as Kylie Jenner just recently gave birth to her daughter Stormi on February 1st, 2018.

When fans began to ask Kylie about her pregnancy, she said that it was “the most beautiful, empowering and life-changing experience" of her life. Many of her fans were happy with this news, but a lot of them were rather shocked, as the Kardashian family usually have names that start with a “K." This is not the only Kardashian pregnancy, as Khloe also just recently announced that she is expecting a baby sometime later in the year.

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