Reality star Jenelle Evans will reportedly resume filming with MTV for its "Teen Mom" branded progams next week, according to Celebrity Insider.

MTV took a step back from filming Jenelle after her husband, David Eason, went on a Twitter tirade, unleashing homophobic rants against the LGBTQ community, and MTV executives fired Eason as a result. Then, Eason, using questionable judgment (some fans believe), posted a photo of Jenelle brandishing a firearm that reminded many "Teen Mom" fans of the gun used in the Parkland, FL school shooting rampage.

The school shooting left 17 people dead on Valentine’s Day, the same day that Eason posted the picture of Jenelle on social media.

Not once did Eason offer an apology. At minimum, Jenelle did acknowledge that the timing was impeccably bad but it was not as if she or David had seen the news prior to when the photo went live online.

MTV has had its proverbial hands full with cast scandals and choices

After David was fired, MTV was also addressing its differences of opinion with former reality star Farrah Abraham and her adult entertainment career choices.

All things combined or collided, as some fans saw the situations. Dealing with Jenelle seemed like something that executives were broaching behind the scenes.

As filming Jenelle was in limbo, her legal reps were doling out a demand list to MTV executives. Jenelle, undoubtedly one of the most high-maintenance stars in the MTV-land of reality television, requested no filming of her son Kaiser or daughter Ensley, as well as no footage on her property shared with her family.

Now, it appears that Jenelle could very well resume taping for upcoming episodes. Taping with her, however, may not pan out. She is rumored to want her husband reinstated.

Jenelle could follow through with taping – or back out

Jenelle’s continued role on "Teen Mom" programs is tentative. MTV’s plan of continuing to tape her for broadcast is susceptible to the star’s decisions, which some fans see as misguided and clouded by her involvement with David.

MTV’s production crew is not certain that Jenelle will allow taping when the time comes, according to Radar Online, which cited an unnamed, inside source. The touted insider also stated that Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, and Jenelle’s son, Jace, will be involved in filming. Both grandmother and grandson will be filmed for upcoming shows.

Radar Online’s source further credited David’s presence in Jenelle’s life for “dumbchoices she has made. A decision that would stop MTV from taping, when a crew is in-place, could result in huge costs for the network – if Jenelle pulls back and has a change of heart about participating.

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