If you haven't seen "Black Panther" yet you might be living under a rock. The most recent Marvel film is still bringing in crowds after a whole month in theaters. People absolutely love everything about the film, even the main bad guy. It's no wonder then that "Black Panther" has dominated the domestic and the worldwide box office since its release on February 16th and continues to reign supreme.

The first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to feature an African-American as the lead hero has come out in force and dominated week after week as the #1 movie in America.

At the Domestic Box Office (grossing $631.4 million), "Black Panther" has just beaten out the first Avengers movie, at $623.4 million, and the most recent Star Wars film "The Last Jedi," at $620 million. This newest Marvel masterpiece sits comfortably in fifth place overall in the domestic sphere and 12th worldwide.

A challenger is on the horizon

Coming April 27th however is the massively hyped and anticipated "Avengers: Infinity War Part 1" and just in case you haven't seen it yet, here is the trailer:

"Infinity War" is expected to shatter ideas in terms of just how successful a movie can be. Considering that "Black Panther" has been insanely successful already, this ensemble film containing everyone’s favorite heroes could blow away even the most generous estimates.

Black Panther himself will be making an appearance in this film and that certainly helps because everyone worldwide is panther crazy and clamoring for more.

Just how successful could it be?

The most successful domestic film is "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" coming in at $936.7 million. It might not be a stretch then to think that "Avengers: Infinity War" could break that record and rope in the much sought after $1 billion at the domestic box office.

Worldwide the next Avengers installment could finally knock off James Cameron’s “Avatar” which currently sits at $2.788 billion.

One of the reasons that this film could break such records is that major heroes are going to be killed off (potential spoilers if you click on the link, by the way). Of course, this is all speculation, and despite the massive hype this fourth Avengers movie has created, it leaves a lot to prove once the hype has died down and reviews start to make their way to moviegoers who aren’t able to get tickets for opening weekend.

So, despite King T'Challa’s insane amount of success in theaters it is possible that he won’t reign as king forever. That's okay, though, because T'Challa will still help push "Infinity War" to the next level. It's interesting to think that 15 years ago, no one thought that superhero movies were a wise investment, but, as the King of Wakanda has shown us, there is a bright future ahead for the genre.