Counting On” star and new mom Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth shared a new picture of baby Gideon Martyn Forsyth. She posted the photo on Instagram this weekend, according to The Hollywood Gossip. Baby Gideon is now a month old, as the photo below visually depicts.

After months of enduring rumors whether Joy-Anna and Austin engaged in much more than side hugs, a Duggar family courting ritual, Joy-Anna dropped fans’ jaws with the awe-factor. Fans are busy taking in the adorability of Joy-Anna’s and Austin’s baby boy.

Baby Gideon’s photo answers rumors on timeline

The murmurs and gossip about whether she and Austin engaged in pre-marital relations are secondary to the fact that an “angelic” child was born. The Hollywood Gossip states that nothing else really matters right now regarding the timeline of Joy-Anna’s pregnancy and the baby’s birth. He is precious.

To denote the reality that Gideon has reached an important first in his life, the "Counting On" star captioned the photo, noting how quickly time flies. She also stated that it is “hard to believe” Gideon is, now, one-month-old.

In addition to fans taking note of Gideon’s milestone, Romper took it a step forward and headlined an article by noting how much he resembles his father, Austin.

Motherhood suits Joy well, Romper reported. She appears happier than ever.

Fans have also noted the likeness Gideon bears to his dad. One fan wrote that baby and dad look 110 percent alike. Someone else posted that father and son could pass for “twins.”

In earlier photos, fans caught glimpses of Gideon on TLC’s “Counting On,” but couldn’t see him as well as they can now, thanks to his mother’s Instagram photo.

Gideon’s one-month seems special to fans, too, Romper wrote.

Joy-Anna and Austin even ‘closer’ following the birth of baby boy

Joy and Austin have a “team-like” method for parenting their baby boy. Romper highlighted that Joy-Anna stated that she and her husband chose the team approach, which is working well for them. She noted that their relationship has “grown even closer.”

Gideon is Michelle’s and Jim Bob Duggar’s tenth grandchild, The Hollywood Gossip stated.

He is also the Duggar’s eighth grandson.

Joy's sister Jinger Duggar Vuolo is expecting a baby later this year. She hasn’t publicly revealed the baby’s gender – if she knows whether it is a boy or a girl. What is known is that Gideon will have plenty of cousins to visit and play with as he grows up. Fans could not be any happier for Joy-Anna and Austin.