Roseanne Barr has President Donald Trump to thank for her very successful Tuesday night "Roseanne" debut ratings, according to TMZ. The celebrity news site reports that Donald Trump called Roseanne Barr to congratulate her, and to tell her that his supporters brought in a whopping 18 million viewers.

Roseanne Barr amuses viewers with Donald Trump support on 'Roseanne'

As previously reported, "Roseanne" debuted on March 27 on ABC. Fans across social media revealed that they were stoked that the 80's sitcom was back. The "Roseanne" opener revealed that Rosie was a hardcore Trump supporter and her support for Trump has caused a major rift within her family -- between herself and her sister Jackie.

Will 'Roseanne' get a second season?

It was revealed that Jackie and Roseanne had a major falling out, one that had kept them estranged for quite some time. The Harris sister duo was reunited thanks to Darlene, who called Jackie to give her a ride to a new job interview. During the opener, Darlene told Becky that she had moved back home to take care of Dan and Rosanne. However, that was not the case at all. It seems Darlene was terminated from her job in Chicago and she and David Healey have split up.

Darlene did not come home alone, though, as she brought her daughter Harris and son, Mark. Harris is a chip off of old Darlene's block, while son Mark, named after David's brother and Becky's husband, is quite a colorful little guy who likes to express himself by wearing girls clothes.

The Conners handle the gender fluidity subject with good old Conner humor and understanding. Becky, who is also now single, is planning on becoming a surrogate mom to help get out of the massive debt she has incurred. Fans are not sure how the series will explain Mark's absence just yet since the actor who played Mark committed suicide a few years ago.

Dan's former series finale death was joked about when he picked up an old manuscript of a book Rosie was writing years ago where she killed him off. The Conners' eldest son DJ did not have much of a storyline reveal as of yet. All that was really said was he had returned home from Iraq with his bi-racial daughter, and that his wife was still overseas.

One small remark was made during the family meal prayer about Jerry, who was said to be at sea on a fishing boast. The Conners also joked about our health care today by revealing that they could not afford to get all of their medications and traded pills amongst themselves. There was special attention given to Roseanne's bad knee and the pain pills she called her babies. Fans have wondered if episodes would touch on a potential pain pill addiction.

There you have it, the highlights of the "Roseanne" one-hour premiere: a lot of laughs, and the same old Conner family 20 years later. "Roseanne" airs Tuesday nights on ABC. What did you think of the premiere? What do you think of Donald Trump taking credit for the high ratings?