In episode 6, “Andante,” we find Carrie Mathison going off the rails. She is running late to get home to her daughter, because her operation to drug could-be spy Dante and sweep his apartment for intel is consuming all her attention. When she finally realizes she needs to get home, she races there, only to get into a fight with her sister, Maggie. Maggie is naturally worried and trying to ask Carrie where she’s been all this time. Things go downhill from there.

Carrie becomes homeless, and is rescued

After the fight between Carrie and Maggie, Carrie storms out with her daughter Franny, to stay in a motel.

Remember, Carrie is still having issues with her medication and may not be making the soundest of choices. Upon arriving at a motel, Carrie tries to secure a room using credit cards that are, of course, declined, so she and Franny are out in the cold, so to speak.

At the opportune time, Carrie receives a call from Dante, wanting to know about the previous night, as his drink was spiked, and he slept through his house search, but not before he and Carrie were starting to get hot and heavy. Dante invites Carrie and Franny over, and they now have a place to stay, at least for the moment.

Saul is making progress

Meanwhile, Saul is busy trying to prove the Russians are actively trying to bring down President Keane and possibly the country with her.

He questions the president’s chief of staff, David Wellington, and is satisfied that he knew nothing about his girlfriend’s involvement in murdering the general. Saul convinces David to help him before David’s now ex-girlfriend can give false testimony before Congress. Her testimony will state that it was the administration that had the general murdered.

Saul also turns to Carrie’s friend and cohort, Max, forcing him to turn over the information they have been collecting on Dante. While he’s at it, Saul enlists Max to join his operation investigating Russia’s plot to take down the government. This is all echoing the current congressional investigations.

Crisscross, investigating each other

While Carrie and Franny are staying at Dante’s place, Carrie discovers Dante’s ex-wife’s identity and tracks her down for some questioning. She learns that Dante feels used as a scapegoat by the government for a past botched operation, but eventually went back overseas for another operation that Carrie knew nothing about. Finally, Carrie learns that Dante is obsessed with her, maybe because Carrie received a promotion in the past after a botched operation.

Dante is also doing some snooping of his own, visiting Carrie’s sister’s house under the pretense of picking up some belongings for Franny. He searches through Carrie’s room, looking for information on her, and finds a printout on him.


Later, after putting Franny to bed, Carrie and Dante confront each other about their recent activities, but Carrie has always liked her “bad boys” over the course of the show. They end up naked on the couch, starting hot and heavy round two, when the FBI break through the door, arresting Dante. Saul is with them and he and Carrie stare each other down. Saul warned her to lay low and not do anything until she heard from him. Next week’s showdown between Carrie and Saul should prove interesting.