Robert Parks-Valletta appears to be amused at "Vanderpump Rules" fans' reaction to Scheana Marie's behavior on the sixth season of the show. As the SUR Restaurant waitress continues to be accused of delusional and obsessed behavior in regard to her relationship with the actor, he has taken to his Instagram page and liked a number of "shady comments" aimed at his former girlfriend.

Earlier this week, after Scheana Marie shared a tweet, slamming girls with "no jobs and nothing going on" for being obsessed with her life. "Get a life," she wrote to her haters.

Right away, viewers of the Bravo series flooded her with comments claiming they are only talking about her life because she's on an entertainment program -- not because they are obsessed.

Fans think Scheana Marie is obsessed with Rob and he seems to agree

As the comments continued, one particular fan sent a message to the "Vanderpump Rules" star in which they revealed that her former boyfriend, Robert Parks-Valletta, was on Instagram "liking shady comments about" her. They also poked fun at Scheana's alleged obsession by adding the hashtag, "Madison Marie Parks-Valletta," the name she claimed that she and the actor had decided to name their potential first child.

In one of the posts Parks-Valletta liked on Instagram, a commenter wrote, "Stay single and stay friends with her!

Look what she has said about her ex-husband [Mike Shay]!!! Yikes." In another, someone else wrote, "Run." Parks-Valletta also liked a post that claimed Scheana Marie was "obsessed."

Scheana Marie thinks she and Rob are meant to be

While Robert Parks-Valletta is no longer dating Scheana and hasn't been since August of last year, Scheana Marie continues to insist that their relationship is strong and that they will ultimately end up together.

She even said that she and her ex-boyfriend had been house hunting and considering starting a family just one month before their breakup. As for the actor, he continues to say that he cares for Scheana but when it comes to rekindling their relationship, he doesn't appear to have any such plans. Instead, he's focusing on himself and his career as Scheana spends her time in Las Vegas starring in the on-stage production of "Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man."

Robert Parks-Valletta and Scheana Marie can be seen during new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" Season 6 on Monday nights at 9 PM on Bravo TV.