Catelynn Lowell of "Teen Mom OG" has plans to return to rehab for the fourth time as soon as the reality series reunion is completed. Lowell left the rehab treatment facility she was staying at early to film the MTV reality series special but has plans to return to treatment very soon, according to Radar Online reports.

'Teen Mom Reunion Special' looks to be one of the most intense yet

The celebrity news site claims that a source close to Tyler and Catelynn's situation has revealed that at this time that it appears to be Catelynn's plans. Lowell left the rehab center four days early to prepare for the highly anticipated "Teen Mom OG Reunion Special.

" The two-part special airs Saturday, March 3 and Sunday, March 4.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell remain strong

It seems that Cate talked things over with her advisor at the facility and received permission to leave the center early because she felt she needed a few days at home to readjust before filming. It has been a difficult few months for the young "Teen Mom" star. Fans watched with heartbreak during this week's episode, as Catelynn confirmed the news that she had suffered a miscarriage.

The pain she felt was so intense and overwhelming that she checked herself into the rehab treatment center in November for suicidal thoughts. Lowell admitted to Kim, her mother-in-law, that she has played out in her head every possible way she could have taken her life on a day to day basis.

Rehab and counseling have also opened up a lot of other personal trauma for Lowell. In January, she began her third rehab stint for help in coping with "childhood trauma." Lowell first began seeking treatment for postpartum depression in 2015 following the birth of her daughter, Nova. At first thought, it was not clear as to whether Tyler and Catelynn would be attending the reunion special or not.

Tyler Baltierra was reluctant to attend for a couple of reasons. First off, he did not want to place any unnecessary pressures and burdens on Cate at this time. Secondly, he had no real interest in dealing with the drama and high emotions that always go hand-in-hand with these reunions.

Tyler has really been put through a lot emotionally.

Not only has he also mourned the loss of a baby, but, has had a lot of responsibility placed on him to keep the home fires burning, on his own, with Nova, while Cate is away. It has been a lot, however, Tyler and Catelynn are strong people. Together they are stronger and with the love they share, they will weather the storms.

We wish Catelynn Lowell the best with her continued treatment.