scheana marie's relationship has become a main storyline on "Vanderpump Rules" but while she appears to be quite serious about the actor, Robert Parks-Valletta has apparently said otherwise about his feelings for her. In a new sneak peek, Jax Taylor is seen telling his co-stars that Parks-Valletta simply isn't ready to say "I love you" to his girlfriend and claims he's not in that place quite yet.

"She puts a lot of pressure on Rob. She's like, 'How come he hasn't said I love you yet?'" Jax Taylor told his co-stars. "He hasn't said, 'I love you?,'" Katie Maloney asked.

"Wait what?" Kristen Doute added.

Robert Parks Valletta isn't 'in that place' with Scheana Marie

"He's like, 'I'm not in that place,'" Taylor further explained. However, when Kristen Doute brings the comment to Scheana Marie's attention during a later scene, she denied her then-boyfriend said any such thing. "He didn't say that," she insisted. "I know my man loves me. His actions every day shows how much he loves me," Scheana added in her cast confessional.

According to the SUR waitress, her co-star Jax Taylor was lying about her then-boyfriend because he was jealous of the actor -- and of their relationship. "Jax is so threatened by Rob because Rob is taller than him, better looking than him, younger than him, more successful than him, and the thing is, he wants what Rob and I have," Scheana tells Kristen Doute.

"[Robert Parks-Valletta] and I are very much in love," she continued. "Rob has a hard time expressing that. We have had those conversations where he's like, 'You know I do,' but we don't say it. I feel it. I don't want to be this dumb girl who is in love with someone who isn't in love with her.

Come on, do you see the way he looks at me?"

Scheana Marie claims she and Rob were house-hunting before their split

Just weeks before their breakup, Scheana told Kristen Doute that she and Parks-Valletta were discussing plans to get married and have kids. She also said that she and the actor had already named their first daughter "Madison Marie Parks-Valletta." "We talk about having kids and getting married and we're looking at houses together.

Rob and I have named our first daughter. If he's not at the point where he's as in love as I am, I'm okay with that because I know he loves me," she explained.

Scheana Marie and Robert Parks-Valletta can be seen on "Vanderpump Rules" season six on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.