scheana marie and Robert Parks-Valletta will be seen enjoying a vacation in Austin, Texas during next week's episode of "Vanderpump Rules" Season 6. However, they will also be seen facing an awkward relationship moment when they both seemingly tell their co-stars very different stories about where their relationship stands.

While hanging out with friends, Robert Parks-Valletta began to talk about his relationship and the fact that he wasn't ready to say "I Love You," even though he and the SUR Restaurant waitress had been together for several months at the time the episode was filmed.

"I know Scheana and I know she puts a lot of pressure on herself," Tom Sandoval explained, according to a sneak peek shared by Bravo TV on February 19.

Scheana Marie was waiting for Rob to say 'I love you'

"Right now [Scheana Marie's] whole thing is she's like, 'I love you,' and she's like waiting for me to say it back... That word is something you just don't throw around," Parks-Valletta noted. He and the reality star were first seen together in December of 2016 and the scene in question was filmed from Texas in July of the following year.

Following the scene with Parks-Valletta and his male co-stars, including Jax Taylor, Scheana was seen speaking to Kristen Doute about her romance, insisting that while Parks-Valletta hadn't yet said, "I love you," she could tell that he did.

"Rob and I are very much in love, like, he f**king adores me," she explained. Right away, Doute seems unsure and makes a strange smirk at her co-star's seemingly naive statement.

Scheana Marie dated the actor after her divorce

Following two years of marriage to Mike Shay, Scheana confirmed plans for divorce and quickly jumped into a relationship with Robert Parks-Valletta.

She then introduced him on the first few episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" Season 6 and wasted no time planning for their future wedding. She even suggested that she and Parks-Valletta would have been able to tie the knot in July of last year after her divorce from Shay was finalized.

In August of last year, following their trip to Austin, Texas, Scheana's relationship with the actor came to an end and she relocated to Las Vegas where she currently stars in the on-stage production of "Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man."

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