"Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "Bloodborne" are two highly regarded creations in their respective genres. So much so that they have gathered enough attention and publicity to warrant their own comic book series.

'Avatar' in a comic book format

"Avatar" is a highly regarded animated show produced for Nickelodeon. The tone and the style of the cartoon evokes the feeling of a Japanese anime, which is the cultural equivalent of a western cartoon. Many people are often shocked to hear that "Avatar" is not a Japanese production, which is why it comes as more of a shock that it is now being adapted into a comic book.

Comics have been the popular media for heroes and villains for decades, so to hear that the protagonist of "Avatar" -- Aang -- will be re-imagined as a comic book character makes sense. Just as the animated show reminds us of anime, the comic book adaptation may be similar to another Japanese media called Manga.

Manga is often the original form of content before it is transformed into the animated format of anime. Manga has become extremely popular in the western world due to its aesthetic art style and creative narratives, so we may possibly see homage paid to this style in an attempt to attract both western and eastern audiences.

'Bloodborne' comic books

"Bloodborne" became a huge success after the influential "Dark Souls" video game series, challenging dedicated gamers with its unique take on the RPG genre and boss-battle format.

Now, it looks like "Bloodborne" is the latest to get the comic book treatment as it is being adapted into the printed format as well.

This has pleased many fans of the franchise as "Bloodborne" boasted amazing visuals and beautiful aesthetics, which will hopefully transition into the comic book adaption. The dark and gritty tone of the game would work perfectly as a comic book, after the success of the "Batman" comic published by DC.

Titan Comics will be responsible for turning the video game "Bloodborne" into a Comic Book Series. Titan Comics were also responsible for adapting the video game "Dishonoured" into a comic book series, which gave hardcore fans of the game extra content to sink their teeth into, as well as providing a new creative outlet for the writers to dive into.

Many franchises often look to branch out into other forms of media, this is often done to gain new audiences who prefer a diverse range of media, but also to give something back to the loyal communities that follow the franchise.