Many fans have been overwhelmed with the amount of new superhero films hitting our screens in recent years. Both Marvel and DC have been actively showcasing their heroes in many cinematic debuts. With so much focus on the cinematic element of Comic books, we have slowly began to become detached from our humble roots. That is until recently, when Marvel announced a new 'Fantastic 4' comic book, coming in 2018.

The Fantastic 4

The Fantastic 4 are often called Marvel's first family. This is due to Marvel's heavy focus on teamwork between the characters, and the relationship that was built into their universe.

The Fantastic 4 pre-date the The Avengers teaming up by two years. Comic book fans were exited to see a team-up of a diverse cast of characters in the Marvel Universe, and the Fantastic 4 gave the world plenty of awesome storylines to sink their teeth into.

Their portrayal in the cinematic universe

The foursome are no strangers to the cinematic limelight as they first made their big screen debut in 2005 when they faced off against Dr. Doom and The Silver Surfer. While comic book films didn't have the same level of notoriety back in 2005, the film still pleased a majority of the audience. However, after the first film, Marvel began to lose interest in them and began focusing on newer, more popular assets.

The Fantastic 4 were left dead in the water, that was until we were given a reboot film in 2015, called "Fantastic Four." The film was panned by critics and fans, as it failed to deliver a satisfactory experience for fans of the Fantastic 4, but also didn't create a lot of buzz at the box office. The name of the Fantastic 4 was smudged by these two films, however, their comic books are still highly regarded by longtime fans of Marvel comics.

Details of the new comic

The comic's plot and story is being written by previous Marvel comic writer Dan Slott, who many fans have given their blessing to as he begins writing this new plot. As well as the familiar name of Dan Slott joining the team, Marvel artist Sara Pichelli is also working on the project. She is responsible for bringing the world of the Miles Morales Spider-Man comics to life through her stylized and creative artwork.

The comic book is set to be released in summer 2018, so stay tuned to Marvel's Twitter and website for more updates and information regarding the new comic. With the new comic book in development, we may be seeing more attention given to them in future projects by Marvel and Disney.