Camille Grammer is back on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" this season after she decided to take some time off from the show to focus on her own life. Grammer has revealed that she struggled with cancer and an abusive relationship after telling viewers that she was getting a divorce from her famous husband, Kelsey Grammer. This happened back on the first season of the show, but Camille needed a break to rebuild her life. Now, she has a new boyfriend and it sounds like things are going great for her.

Given her past on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Camille knows that she's dealing with dramatic women.

She may not have realized that Dorit Kemsley could dish out the drama but not take it. Even though she's not a full-time housewife, Camille is filming enough with the ladies to know what is going on. On this week's episode, she decided to get Dorit a Gag Gift based on what she had done throughout the season. According to a new Bravo report, Camille Grammer is now revealing that she was surprised to see Dorit's negative reaction to the gift, as she expected Kemsley to take the gift with a sense of humor.

Insensitive after being mocked

The gift was meant to be a gag gift because Camille wanted to point to the fact that Dorit keeps talking and spreading rumors about her "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-stars.

On this season of the show, Kemsley kept talking about Lisa Vanderpump behind her back, and she was talking about her to the other ladies. When confronted with the news, Dorit stormed out after Lisa told her that she was heartbroken.

In terms of Camille, Dorit kept calling her names while under the influence of alcohol, which is why Camille bought her a gag as a gag gift.

Merely repeating the past

It's interesting that Dorit Kemsley can't take the joke considering she did the same thing last year to Erika Girardi. After Dorit and her husband claimed they could see Erika's private parts during a night out when she wasn't wearing underwear, Dorit thought it would be funny to give Erika a pair of underwear.

However, Kemsley didn't think getting a gag as a gift was funny after she had been caught talking about Lisa behind her back. It sounds like she has no problem dishing it out when she's not in focus, but she can't take it because it hurts her feelings. Camille hopes that she will find the gift funny one day.

What did you think of the gift from Camille Grammer? Do you think Dorit is currently overreacting?