When it comes to robotics and advanced mechanized contraptions, no one does it better than Japan. They have a rich and vivid history of creating some of the most impressive, astonishing, and wacky machines that have made it into the market. From small consumer products such as electric shavers, children's toys, and nifty gadgets to the expensive and luxurious cars that drive us around - Japan really leads the way. A recent Kotaku article gives us a glimpse into the future of robotics and the possibilities that could be a reality. This new piece of technology comes from Japanese manufacturers Skeletonics.

A Japanese exoskeleton suit has been made

Exoskeleton suits can be summed up as mechanical enhancements for the human body. They are designed to make simple things such as walking, lifting, and moving even simpler. Recently, Japanese manufacturing company Skeletonics have released a new product into the market. It is a single person exoskeleton Suit. The suit weighs 88 pounds and stands nine feet tall. The price attached to the exoskeleton suit is a considerable $93,000, which does make it extremely expensive for the average consumer, but is actually relatively small if you own a large business or company.

The possibilities that come with the new suit

Skeletonics have already mentioned that this specific suit will not allow the user increased performances in movement or strength due to the limitations they had with the cheap production of the suit.

However, there are many other uses that an exoskeleton suit can be used for. When looking at the ways we implement technology into our everyday lives, we often look at ways in which they can make our lives easier and more ergonomic for us. A large exoskeleton suit could serve many functions, such as allowing for increased mobility for someone who has been paralyzed or has limited movement capabilities.

Another way in which we could see it used is in the entertainment industry. The suit does not increase human performance, yet it does allow for small interactions between the wearer and other people or objects. This seems like it would be suited for places such as Disneyland, theme parks, movies, television, or showcasing events due to the suit's impressive visual nature.

What might we be seeing in the future

While it is still early days for this suit's implementation into the industrial industries due to its limited capabilities, we are probably looking at a product that will be focused on the entertainment and consumer industries instead. This could possibly mean more robot-themed films, as the price of this suit is relatively low. This would open more doors for smaller producers and companies to purchase these kinds of items.

What is exciting is the possibility for these exoskeleton suits to eventually be integrated into interactive parts of our society such as amusement parks, museums, and possibly even schools. There are still a lot of things that need to be ironed out before any of these uses become a reality, however, the initial creation and development of this technology is just a sneak peek into what the future may hold for us.