Maci Bookout has kept some of her life out of the spotlight when she's filming "Teen Mom OG." When Maci went to school, she pursued a career in media relations and she would work on media-related projects for her school. When her husband, Taylor McKinney, wanted to buy a t-shirt company, Bookout decided to help her husband. Based on her story on "Teen Mom OG," Bookout put her own career on hold to help her husband realize his dream of owning his own company. But Maci has revealed that she wanted out of the business to focus on her own dreams and aspirations.

According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout is now revealing that she got to record a commercial for a credit card company. She shared the commercial on social media, revealing that she was indeed the voice of the commercial. Several people reached out to her, revealing that they had seen the commercial and they recognized the voice. Many people congratulated her on her success, as she shared the news on Instagram.

Building her career

It's interesting that Maci Bookout is continuing to build her career on top of her MTV appearances. Many reality stars see their work on a show as a job and they continue to build careers away from the fame. Bookout appears to be doing the same thing, as she's continuing to work away from MTV.

It sounds like she could be getting more work in the media industry, as many fans feel that she does a great job as a voice of commercials.

Not relying on MTV

Unlike so many of her "Teen Mom OG" co-stars, Maci isn't relying on MTV to help her build a career. Many of the other MTV stars have used the network and the platform to launch businesses and continue to pursue roles in reality television.

But Bookout appears to be the one person, who doesn't see herself in front of the cameras on a reality show once "Teen Mom OG" ends. She seems like the kind of person who wants to protect her children from the public and give herself some space away from the public eye. She has written one book, but other than her husband's t-shirt business, she hasn't really launched any businesses or products for her fans.

It appears that she wants her career away from the spotlight once she wraps up "Teen Mom OG" when the ratings start to drop. MTV has revealed they want to continue until the ratings drop or fans get bored of the show.

What do you think of Maci Bookout's commercial? Do you think she could be a voice for commercials and jingles after her time on MTV?