It is a well known fact that a gamer is only as good as their console, which is why it is important to get the one that fits your gaming style best. At a console's launch it is well known that it probably isn't going to be perfect, but consumers make the assumption that new updates, features, and upgrades will be added along the way to further improve the console, or to patch over some faults with the system. Recently, Microsoft, the creators of the massively popular Xbox gaming console, released a Blog Post saying they had a big update for the system.

Microsoft teased some new features

The Xbox has an impressive history of standing up against other consoles in the gaming industry. Companies such as Nintendo and Sony have been competing for the limelight for decades now. But when Microsoft released the Xbox we saw a new challenger rise.

Throughout the Xbox's run in the mainstream gaming industry, Microsoft has constantly been updating and improving their system to appease the fans. It seems as though Microsoft has yet again been working on some new features for the Xbox, and here's what we can speculate from Microsoft's announcement.

When Microsoft made their blog post about the new features, they highlighted the fans' interest in backward compatibility and the ability to play older Xbox game titles on the newer system.

When the Xbox One first launched, it did not possess the capability to run as a backward compatible system, unlike Sony's Playstation. As time went on, Microsoft updated the console to be able to play a select few Xbox 360 Games on the Xbox One system. This was a nice feature for people with massive game libraries, but some fans felt as though they still weren't being allowed full access to backward compatibility.

Microsoft's focus on backward compatibility

Microsoft seem to be going even further back, as they have teased that the Xbox One will be able to play Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, as well as Xbox original games. This would see many more titles being added to the Xbox One's library, as well as give Xbox loyalists a dose of nostalgia as they will be able to dive back into their old catalogue of games and play some of their oldest titles on the console.

Microsoft also stated that more updates surrounding the Xbox One's features will be announced at the beginning of their next Inside Xbox episode. Inside Xbox is a episodic series where Microsoft gives a rundown of the latest news surrounding all things Xbox, so be sure to tune in to find out more about the new features.