The Legend Of Korra” ended with a bang. Team Avatar was successful in defeating Kovira. After an amazing four season run and many seemingly invincible enemies; Korra made it through it all. She made her own decisions as Avatar and triumphed in the end. Besides her battles, Korra also triumphed in another thing. With the show about to end, Korra was shown with Asami. hand-in-hand the two goes in the spirit world. Completely making it canon that the two women are indeed in a relationship. Making Korra one of the few canonically bisexual characters in a kids network.

This caused a lot positive fan reaction. Everybody wants to see more of the two. What are they going to do in the Spirit World? Where will korasami go from here? To answer all these questions fans can now turn to “The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars.” The comic book is out now and doesn’t just show what happened to the couple after the cartoon ended, but also their first kiss.

First Kiss on the Spirit World

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars” Part one is the first installment of the canon graphic novel made by the creators of the original show. The novel starts where the show left off with Korra and Asami going into the Spirit World.

As it turns out, the couple was there to get some time by themselves.

The two reminisce their time together and the adventures they went through. As they go further, the two were shooed by a mountain spirit which caused them to lose their supplies. Without their things, Korra and Asami decide to head back to their world.

Before they go though, Asami stops Korra and tells her there’s something she wants to do before their vacation ends.

And that is to kiss her.

Another Avatar confirmed to be bisexual

“The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars” continues to spill more details as the novel revealed that there was also another Avatar who was "loved by both men and women."

In the “Turf Wars.” Kya, daughter of Avatar Aang, asks Korra and Asami about their relationship. After that, she too reveals that she is gay.

She also explained to the couple how the four nations feel about LGBTQ relationships.

Kya reveals that of all the Four nations, Earth Kingdom is the most resistant to the idea of LGBTQ relationships. Here, she reveals that Avatar Kiyoshi who was “loved by both men and women” wasn’t able to do anything about it during her time. Kya also stated that this might be because the Earth Kingdom was the slowest to accept change.

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars” is proving to be a good follow up to the main series. With part two coming, fans can still hope for more revelations.