Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are famous for having a large family. They were on “19 Kids and Counting” before being canceled and then moved on to “Counting On” which focuses more so on their older children. The Duggar marriage has been one many look to for inspiration. There are certain rules Jim Bob and Michelle follow to ensure their union lasts, including guidelines for bedroom activities.

Michelle is available to Jim Bob

A marriage is often referred to as a 50/50 effort, but that isn't the case. Each partner must give 100 percent of themselves in order for things to work.

Michelle Duggar has talked in depth about her job as a wife. She was solely responsible for every household chore until the children were old enough to take over and learn the way of Michelle's home. Jim Bob Duggar has always worked a job and brought in the sole source of income for the family. Prior to the reality shows, he was working to provide for his growing family. The Duggars have made it a point to live by the Bible, something they take very seriously.

In one of her many marriage talks, Michelle Duggar has discussed how she was given advice before marrying Jim Bob Duggar. According to In Touch Weekly, she talked about how making herself available to her husband has always been a top priority in her life.

Of course, with all of the children she has welcomed, that isn't surprising to anyone. There are rules about spousal activities as well, mostly centered around the women. They follow the teachings of Bill Gothard.

The rules

Michelle Duggar has discussed the rules of spousal interaction during several speeches she has given. The man and woman are not to engage in bedroom activities during a menstrual cycle.

If she is pregnant, the gender of the baby will play a role in how long the couple must abstain from bedroom activities before becoming intimate again. For a little boy the couple must wait 40 days and for a little girl, the wait is 80 days. While Bill Gothard has more in-depth teachings, these are loosely based on his very strict guidelines.

Duggar and her husband, Jim Bob have talked about this a lot in their years of being public figures.

Critics have attacked the Duggar family for their values and what happens behind their closed doors. The Josh Duggar scandals didn't help their case, but they certainly didn't tank the family or cost them their many fans. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a strong marriage, one many admire.