derick dillard just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. He has been making comments on Twitter that have cost his family a lot, and he has yet to learn to stop. Dillard was removed from “Counting On” after attacking “I Am Jazz” star, Jazz Jennings. Both shows air on TLC and the network sided against Jill Duggar's husband.

What got him fired

Essentially, Derick Dillard was cut loose from “Counting On” because he slammed the network. While he was bullying a teenager with his comments, he was also talking badly about the same company that paid his salary.

When the viewers called for him to be terminated due to his comments, TLC was not taking it lightly. They issued a statement to make it clear they were no longer working with Derick Dillard and had no plans to in the future either.

Just last week, Derick Dillard slammed the media for reportedly using the Florida shooting victims to push an agenda. There is a lot happening in the world, and much of it is political. Dillard talked about how the media was similar to TLC and tagged the network in his tweet. It was a bold move, one that caught a lot of attention. “Counting On” fans can't believe he is still opening his mouth, especially with Jim Bob Duggar reportedly unhappy with him. While the damage has already been done, Derick is just adding insult to injury.

Latest move

According to In Touch Weekly, Derick Dillard made another bad move on social media.

He invited Jazz Jennings to have coffee with him. The same teenager he was throwing under the bus because she is transgender is now the same teenager he wants to have coffee with. “Counting On” fans continue to be baffled by his lack of judgment before using social media. At this point, Jennings has not responded to Dillard's offer, but it is likely she will refuse.

He has already made his feelings known, and crossing paths with someone who hurt her isn't in Jazz's best interests.

The fallout from Derick Dillard and his social media comments is still happening. He recently ranted about how his second child, Samuel, had to remain in the NICU for two weeks. This was kept a secret from the public and is just now being talked about. Dillard will now have to figure out how to support his family without the money that TLC used to provide them with. Changes are coming, and if Derick Dillard doesn't learn to keep quiet, it could be bad for his whole family. They have already been through enough in the last few years, they don't need this too.