Wendy Williams returns to her daytime talk show and her purple chair on Monday, March 19. Wendy announced on February 21 that her doctor had prescribed that she be on a three-week medical leave for hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease. The solo host of her show joked that she would be back in two weeks. However, after two weeks of re-runs, Wendy and her producer husband Kevin Hunter decided that the hot topics were not so hot any longer. Therefore, for the first time in nine seasons, "The Wendy Williams Show" had a guest host for the last week of her absence.

First-time guest host

Actor Jerry O'Connell is both a friend of Wendy and a superfan of the show. He filled in for Wendy from Monday, March 12 to Friday, March 16. The 53-year-old talk show host tweeted thanks to Jerry for being her first guest host.

How did Jerry O'Connell do?

While Wendy's fans missed her and are glad she is returning on Monday, they appreciated Jerry for filling in for her even though the two television personalities have different hosting styles. Jerry is a friend of Wendy and a friend of the show.

Since he is a superfan, he knew what buzz words to use. However, he brought his own style to the Wendy Watchers.

Social media reacts

O'Connell said he read all the postings on social media about him.

Many of them said he was "too extra." He wasn't offended by that remark because he knew it was true. On Friday, he signed off for the week while wearing a sparkling jacket with the word "Extra" written on the back.

Many of the comments were positive, but some of them were shady. Some said Jerry was over the top and they couldn't wait for Wendy to return.

Some indicated that Jerry hosted the show better than Wendy and he should have his own show. Because their styles are different, Jerry brought some things to the show that Wendy doesn't. For instance, he joined some of the guests when they performed. One day, he and Suzanne jumped on the trampoline. Another day, Jerry performed with the O'Rouke Irish Dancers.

Like Wendy, Jerry went out on the street and paid money to people who could answer certain questions about hot topics.

Speaking of hot topics, it was evident that Jerry knew as much about hot topics as Wendy does. Last week, he brought Wendy Watchers up to date on what is happening with some of Wendy's favorite celebrities to talk about.

Not doubt when Wendy returns on Monday, she will update fans about her health condition. Make sure you watch to find out what Wendy will say about her absence and about her first-time guest host.