Jessa Duggar has been the target of pregnancy rumors for a few weeks now. While it is tradition to announce pregnancies in a public way when the couple is ready, it looks like the pregnancy will not be confirmed until next month. The Duggar Family is huge and with so many siblings experiencing firsts right now, announcements will often be delayed to allow a couple to share their news and celebrate without anything overshadowing their moment.

Pregnant or not?

There are always pregnancy rumors following the Duggar family around. Jinger Duggar experienced over a year of stories before she finally announced she was expecting a child with husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

Both Jill and Jessa have two children already but had talked about expanding their families more. With Jinger expecting her first baby, the focus has been on her as she shares her weekly photos. Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed her first child just a few weeks ago, leaving only Kendra Caldwell's pregnancy confirmed.

According to In Touch Weekly, Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her third child. She is several months into the pregnancy but will not make an announcement until next month. Jessa and Ben Seewald decided to wait while her siblings announced their good news before they shared their news with the world. Josiah Duggar announced he was engaged to Lauren Swanson and Jinger Duggar announced her first pregnancy.

Jessa didn't want to deflect from their exciting news, which is actually incredibly considerate of her.

Plans for the future

Right now, the source is saying the announcement will happen in a few weeks. This may or may not coincide with a season finale or renewal. The Duggar family is huge and with many of the children married or engaged, the number of new babies will likely increase each year.

Speculation has also swirled around Jill Duggar, but she has not announced a pregnancy yet. With her departure from the show, it wouldn't do much to drive up ratings anyway. Jessa Duggar is due in between Kendra Caldwell and Jinger Duggar. This summer will be busy for Duggar grandchildren.

The Duggar family is expanding by leaps and bounds.

It is likely that Josiah Duggar and his bride-to-be, Lauren will start a family soon after tying the knot as well. Jessa Duggar has been shying away from social media photos in recent weeks, and now, this all makes sense. Duggar wanted to allow her siblings their time, and that is something fans respect.