The episode begins with a recap from episode 129 where Goku reaches his Ultra Instinct form again, but this time he takes full control of his new power as his body starts to glow even more. Goku seemed unbeatable and the way he flicked Jiren's Ki blast assured that Universe 11's defeat was at hand.


Episode 130 beings with Goku staring at almost exhausted Jiren and tells him,"The real fight starts now, Jiren." All the Supreme Kais and Hakaishins now realize that Goku has mastered the form that even they yearn to achieve and that the final battle of Tournament of Power is going to get more intense from this point on.

The battle resumes with Goku landing a sharp hit on Jiren and bruises him. Piccolo is astonished by Goku's speed in his mastered Ultra Instinct form, but Belmod, God of Destruction of Universe 11, still denies that Goku has gained enough power to beat Jiren. Goku continues countering and blocking every attack that Jiren throws at him, and Universe 7 is now sure that they will win the tournament.

Jiren isn't giving up yet and exclaims that "Strength is justice!" and that he loses everything if he is defeated. This sudden onset of emotions forces Jiren to remember his past trauma, in which an unknown villain killed his family, friends, and master.

Vegeta says that getting cornered by Kakarot has caused Jiren to push to an even further level of his power.

Jiren's new power fill the world of the void with a tremendous storm of energy. Jiren says he will never lose no matter what, as he blasts Goku with a power Ki attack and knocks him away. Jiren then fires a powerful wave attack and Goku responds to it with his Kamehameha wave, but Jiren's blast breaks through it, and he tells Goku that it's over for him.

The epic fight

The attack makes a crater in the arena, and everyone in the stand is shocked, but Goku reappears unharmed. Jiren is surprised to see that Goku still has this much power left. Goku blasts Jiren with a Ki attack, but Jiren counters it, throws it back towards him and nails him down with it.

Belmod now thinks that they have won the match, but Goku stands up again as his universe cheers for him.

Jiren is surprised to see that Goku manages to stand up again even after being beaten so many times. Goku tells Jiren that it's the trust of his friends that they've put in him is what makes him stand up even after being beaten.

Goku vs Jiren

Jiren says he does not believe in that kind of power, but Goku says that he will show him that this power is not meaningless. As their fight continues, the episode has a flashback to Dragon Ball Z as everyone remembers that Goku has fought, again and again, for others and their existence gives him power.

The fight between them continues, and they hit each other with everything they've got, but Goku manages to overwhelm Jiren and lands a direct punch on him which makes him return to his base form.

Jiren tells Goku that he doesn't believe in such power which is easily erased as he throws a power Ki blast towards the stand. Goku deflects the Ki attack just in time, and Jiren uses it as an example to show Goku that everything he believes in could easily be destroyed.

This attack makes Goku furious, and he says "Those who'd hurt my friends, I won't forgive!" and launches towards Jiren with a powerful punch followed by the Kamehameha wave. Jiren asks to be thrown from the stage, and as Goku charges his final Ki blast attack, his back explodes with blood as the new form takes a toll on his body. Belmod tells Jiren to knock him out.

Jiren proceeds to defeat Goku with his Ki attack and Goku almost loses.

Just then, Freeza blasts Goku onto a rock and saves him from being knocked out of the stage as Android 17 emerges alive. Android 17 tells Freeza that now it's only them against Jiren and the episode ends.

The next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" airs on March 25, and it will be the last episode of the series before it goes on a long break, but there will be a new "Dragon Ball" movie coming out on December 14.