Farrah Abraham has been fired from "Teen Mom OG" because she didn't want to listen to senior producers from MTV about her work-related decisions. As fans will see on the next episode of "Teen Mom OG," senior producer Morgan J. Freeman will speak to Farrah about the way she's treating producers when she's working with MTV and her business decisions. He will be referring to a specific work project, where Abraham is filming herself performing sexual acts on a webcam. The senior producer gave Farrah an ultimatum. If she continued to do this kind of work, she could not continue to film the show.

However, it sounds like Abraham is doing well despite not filming the show anymore. A few days ago, Abraham went public with the news that she was in a new relationship with a man named Aden Stay. She was spotted with him for a few photos, but Abraham kept saying that she knew it was love. She made it seem like this relationship was the one for him. But according to a new report, Farrah Abraham is currently single as the relationship is already over.

He never saw it as a relationship

According to the report, Farrah Abraham's new man supposedly released a statement about their relationship. The two have split, but he reveals that they were never in a relationship and they were never exclusive. A mutual friend set them up and they went on two dates.

It's interesting that Farrah revealed that she was head-over-heels in love and she finally knew what love felt like. Within two days, he had already called it off.

In his official statement, Aden reveals that he didn't know about Farrah Abraham's fame and the publicity she was receiving thanks to "Teen Mom OG" and her career in adult entertainment.

Aden explains that she's a nice person and he wishes her well in the future, but his future doesn't involve her.

The future

It sounds like Farrah may have moved fast with Aden, as she could have seen him as a possible husband. She made the same mistake with Simon Saran, as she kept pushing him for an engagement ring before he was even ready.

Now, Aden is distancing himself from Farrah by saying they went on two dates and didn't start a relationship. It's possible he got freaked out by the stories that surfaced of them together and with Farrah calling him a love interest.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham's breakup? Do you think Aden was the one who ended things with Farrah because of the stories that surfaced about them together?