Maci Bookout is pretty good at keeping secrets. She has kept moments of her life from the cameras as long as possible. The most recent secret came out when Bookout revealed she suffered a miscarriage at some point in 2017. She was talking to her husband, Taylor McKinney, about expanding their family, and the news came out. It aired on a recent “Teen Mom OG” episode and shocked viewers.

Edwards family alludes to a secret

Shortly after Ryan Edwards returned home from his rehab stint, there was a conversation that stuck with viewers. Ryan's father, Larry, mentioned that Maci Bookout had a secret she didn't want out.

This was in response to the conflict between her and Ryan over their son, Bentley. Bookout was making demands on him before he could see his child, but given his recent rehab stint, she wasn't asking too much. Larry implied this was a big secret, though an elaboration never came.

Some fans have insinuated that Maci Bookout may have lied about Ryan Edwards being Bentley's father. There have been reports that suggest Kyle King could instead be the child's father, though some “Teen Mom OG” fans aren't buying it. Bookout was with King after her split from Edwards. The two were serious but ended things nearly five years ago. If Ryan wasn't Bentley's dad, why would Maci allow the chaos to happen? She isn't one to deal with drama, so it is highly unlikely Larry or Jen believe that their son isn't Bentley's dad.

The miscarriage was likely the secret

It is being assumed that Maci Bookout's miscarriage is the secret Jen and Larry Edwards knew about. She revealed the baby would have been a little girl, but other details weren't made available. After everything they claim Maci put Ryan through by using his story of addiction and not stepping in to get him help, “Teen Mom OG” fans were shocked that they didn't shout her secret from the rooftop.

The banter about Ryan not being Bentley's father is ridiculous, especially if you have watched the show from the beginning. Kyle King came after Edwards, not before.

An all-new episode of “Teen Mom OG” airs tonight on MTV. Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney will likely share more of their lives in the weeks to come, but for now, all that is available is what she has told the world. The paternity of Bentley has not been discussed and the rumors of Ryan not being his father should be squashed for once and for all, especially because a child is involved.