nene leakes was a housewife when she first joined "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" many years ago. She became a star because of her work on the show and because of the many opportunities that have come from the show. But it sounds like Leakes forgets that her fans and the viewers of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" are the reason why she's successful these days. These people tune in every week to watch the show and give her the ratings to continue, and these are the people who buy her clothes from her clothing line. But this week, it sounds like Leakes forgot to treat one fan nicely, as she had no problem speaking out about Leakes in a negative way.

One person reached out to Leakes on social media, revealing that she had completely disrespected his aunt during a run-in with her in Atlanta. According to a new tweet, NeNe Leakes is now being accused of completely ignoring the woman, never making eye contact with her. The fan asked her to take a photo and the fan was completely shut down by her. The woman decided to lash out, revealing that Leakes looked like a mess. Apparently, the reality star looked like she hadn't brushed her teeth and she was wearing nasty slippers.

Refusing her fans

It does seem odd that she would refuse her fans, considering she's now famous and rich because of people who watch "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." While reality stars are entitled to their privacy, NeNe should know that people will stop her in the streets.

While she may not want to take a photo every time someone asks her, she should at least respect her fans and provide eye contact when they talk. The fan on Twitter pointed out that her aunt had been NeNe's biggest fan until that meeting in a store in Atlanta.

Kim Zolciak is brought into it

The fan on Twitter also reached out to Kim Zolciak in the tweet, revealing that now everything makes sense when it comes to NeNe.

Kim has been vocal about her dislike for Leakes this year. Even though the two tried to rekindle their friendship, it sounds like Zolciak feels that NeNe continues to cause drama. Leakes, on the other hand, has called her racist. It will be interesting to see if NeNe responds to this meeting with a fan. Leakes has previously been accused of being rude and arrogant when interacting with fans. She denies any accusations about her behavior.

Do you think this encounter with NeNe Leakes is true? Are you surprised that she's not giving her fans much respect?