It's not uncommon for "Teen Mom" stars to branch out and appear on other reality shows. Now it looks like it's Maci Bookout's turn. According to The Ashley Reality Roundup, Maci is headed for The Discovery Channel hit "Naked And Afraid." She may not be ready to talk about her experience on the reality survival show but those close to her are spilling all the dirt.

Maci's choice of reality show comes as a complete surprise to "Teen Mom" fans. "Naked and Afraid" is a pretty tough survival show. Those who watch it know that things can get pretty intense for those who are trying to survive on the reality series.

Not to mention that they are naked while doing it!

On the show, strangers are left in a remote area and are forced to get to know each other and work together in order to survive. Participants have to find their own food, fresh water, shelter and everything else that they need in order to be successful. It's one of the most realistic survival reality shows on TV right now.

Getting ready for 'Naked and Afraid'

Maci Bookout already filmed her scenes for "Naked and Afraid" on the Discovery Channel so it's safe to say that she survived. Maci is in pretty good shape but it turns out that even she prepared for the show beforehand.

“Maci spent a great deal of time training for the show before she left,” a source told The Ashley.

“She got to bring a few extra ‘personal’ items than the typical contestant on the show, but other than that, she didn’t get a lot of special treatment.

As far as who knew Maci Bookout was doing "Naked and Afraid," it turns out not many people at all. She reportedly kept the show a secret from her "Teen Mom OG" costars. The show itself didn't affect her contract with MTV since it didn't have anything to do with motherhood and is a completely different type of reality show.

Maci's reps have no comment

Despite the website claiming to have multiple sources confirming that Maci will be appearing on the survival reality show, her reps are keeping quiet. It looks like Maci wasn't ready to let this cat out of the bag yet.

With "Teen Mom OG" wrapping up Season 7 and the recent filming of the reunion show special, Maci has MTV on her mind right now.

It's not clear why Maci Bookout isn't talking about her other reality TV role but we're certainly ready to hear more!

A new season of "Naked and Afraid" starts on Sunday, March 16 and features a brand new couple that does not include Maci Bookout. She is said to have joined a "celebrity" edition of the show and so far, there has been no announcement about when that will air.