lisa marie presley's ex Michael Lockwood was spotted on Wednesday, March 28, with the couple's twin daughters Harper and Finley. According to the Daily Mail, UK, he was eating ice cream and wearing "Blue Suede Shoes" of all things. While some celebrity news followers did not think much about the "Elvis vibe" that Lockwood was reportedly putting out, other elvis presley fans were not impressed.

Elvis fans unimpressed with Lisa Marie Presley's Marilyn Manson video

Some believe that this move by Michael Lockwood was just a dig at his ex-Lisa, Marie Presley.

As previously reported Lisa and Michael are undergoing a nasty divorce. Lisa admitted in court that she is facing financial devastation and was too broke to pay the outrageous amounts Lockwood was demanding for legal fees and spousal support.

Elvis' daughter getting no support from Priscilla during tough times?

Lisa reveals that she has not been working, and is living in her daughter Riley Keough's house. The judge was not too sympathetic to the King of Rock and Roll's daughter, Lisa Marie, and gave her 30-days to pay Lockwood $100,000.

Variety pointed out that Lisa Marie recently made an appearance in the new Marilyn Manson video which is believed to be a job she took to pay off the $100,000.

Michael has no plans for making things easy on Lisa Marie, he continues to push for $40,000 a month in spousal support claiming that LMP owes him for giving up his career to tend to hers.

He also is not buying the "I'm broke" stories that Presley has been telling the courts and has even accused her of hiding money and assets from the courts.

In more Presley family news, Priscilla Presley has been making the rounds promoting the upcoming HBO documentary "Elvis Presley: The Searcher" which airs on HBO on April 14.

Besides discussing the upcoming documentary Priscilla has also been taking a trip down memory lane herself, detailing personal and intimate moments between herself and Elvis.

The ex-Mrs.Presley has even gone as far as discussing Elvis' final days and his battle with drug addiction. What she has not really commented on are her daughter's latest financial troubles and divorce.

At this time Lisa's divorce has not yet been finalized, and it is speculated that the spousal support issues and custody agreements over the couple's 9-year-old daughters will continue to be a nasty battle for several more months. Lisa Marie admitted that she suffered from severe drug addiction issues while married to Lockwood. She spent several months in rehab following the announcement of their split.

However, it is feared that Lisa's past drug issues may play a huge role in the custody case. What are your thoughts? Do you believe Michael Lockwood is doing everything he can to get under Lisa Marie Presley's skin, or are the blue suede shoes purely coincidental?