Roseanne Barr is back and she is clearly better than ever. The new “Roseanne,” which premiered on Tuesday, March 27, and had a considerable amount of hype surrounding the revival, smashed it out of the park with how many viewers it brought in. The original series, which premiered in October of 1988, was a classic TV sitcom, beloved by millions and they were all sad to see it go. The first "Roseanne" came to an end nearly a decade after its premiere, finishing its run in 1997. However, no one has to watch those old reruns anymore. “Roseanne” is back and better than ever.

People love her more now then they did back then and the number of viewers shows it. So a lot like fine wine, “Roseanne” has aged well. A report by Market Watch provided a lot of the details used in this article.

'Roseanne' didn’t just do well, it did great

Showing in ABC’s 8 PM slot, "Roseanne’s" return to the sitcom throne saw her appear to an audience of just over 18 million viewers. Those 18 million viewers who tuned in to watch the return of “Roseanne” outnumber those who watched her leave all those years ago, so you know for a fact she was sorely missed. Not only that, but the number of viewers “Roseanne” managed to garner even attracted the attention of the POTUS himself. Roseanne Barr earned a personal phone call from the Oval Office that congratulated her on her return to ABC.

Roseanne Barr then tweeted out that this isn’t the first time she was contacted by a president but instead the fifth time.

What do people think of 'Roseanne?'

The overall reaction to the new “Roseanne” is overwhelmingly positive, with many people thinking it marks the start of a new wave of nostalgia to sweep television and bring back other sitcoms in the same vein as "Roseanne." That trend definitely seems viable considering Netflix’s revival of “Full House” and “Gilmore Girls,” renamed as “Fuller House” and “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” respectively, which happened in 2016.

Network TV could and should be taking a note out of Netflix’s playbook and working that 90s era nostalgia angle hard. If ABC decides to revive any other of their old but not forgotten sitcoms, it is simply too early to tell. However, “Roseanne” has got the ball rolling, so it might be in the ABC’s interest to strike while “Roseanne” rules the screens and the iron is hot.

Still, despite all of the success of the revival, not everyone is stoked with its return. Some cite that Roseanne Barr has had a controversial comedic career and aren't happy to see her return to prominence. Accompanying the presidential phone call also came some polarizing backlash to Roseanne Barr herself and the first family. However, time will tell if the sitcom star's controversial past and supporters will haunt the future of her show.