Michael Myers is returning later this year in a brand new movie in the "Halloween" franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis has hinted that this is indeed the final chapter and that things will wrap up 40 years of the original. Back at the 20th anniversary of the John Carpenter classic, she starred in "Halloween H20," where Michael found her at a boarding school. Here, her son John was in danger. She also made a brief appearance in "Halloween: Ressurection," where fans were convinced that she had been killed by Michael after he found her in a hospital. However, it's clear that she's still alive and in the next movie, she has revealed that they are going back to Haddonfield, Illinois where it all began.

She has also revealed that "Halloween 2018" will stay true to the original vision that John Carpenter had for the original movie back in 1978. The sequel was powerful because it picked up right where the first one ended. It essentially became an extension of the night in question. Now that it has been 40 years since the original, fans are wondering how the writers are going to handle a killer, who could be aging rather fast. According to a new tweet, Michael Myers could look the same as in the original movie to keep the look and feel the same as the original, but they may also go for a more realistic killer

Does he age?

Throughout the many "Halloween" movies, it's clear that Jamie Lee Curtis' character ages.

Of course, over 40 years it's hard to make a believable movie without showing some age progression. But there's something scary about giving Michael such strength that he can overpower Laurie Strode every time they met. He has been beaten up, shot and cut throughout the movies. But he hasn't been able to die. Fans of the original movie are curious as to what the writers are going to do to keep the movie realistic, but stay true to the original flick.

Staying true to the original

Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed that they wanted to stay as true as possible to the story that John Carpenter told back in 1978. In addition, they need to take the other movies into account, especially since their story has developed over the past 40 years. But John's vision of Michael is a strong and determined man, who is desperate to kill his sister.

There's also a question of extreme mental illness.

How do you think the writers are going to portray Michael Myers? Do you think he's going to age or do you think he will be stronger than ever, as he faces Laurie Strode for the last time?