In strange celebrity news, Academy Award-winning British actor, Colin Firth, who has starred in countless movies such as "Bridget Jones' Diary" and a television adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice," is getting some unneeded attention and it's not for a film role. His wife, the Italian film producer, Livia Giuggioli, has revealed that she had an affair when she and Firth were secretly separated years ago. The couple has been married for 20 years. They released a statement through their representative that confirms the affair allegations that took place when Firth and his wife were briefly separated and "The Firths have since reunited." Reports by PEOPLE provided most of the information used in this article.

The affair

According to multiple reports, the affair was with an Italian journalist named Marco Brancaccia, a former childhood friend of Giuggioli, growing up in their native Italy. The affair lasted for a year back in 2015. When Livia decided to end the affair with Brancaccia, that's when things took a turn for the worst. He allegedly began harassing Giuggioli and her actor husband. The couple said that Brancaccia made threatening Phone Calls, sent harassing e-mails and text messages, threatening to expose even more information. He even sent Firth messages, sending salacious details about his fling with his wife, along with pictures of the two together.

Stalking allegations

Brancaccia has been talking to the press and has claimed he wanted Firth, "to know what happened." He also alleges that Firth sent him an e-mail telling him that he understood his pain, which Brancaccia appreciated, but insists that the stalking claims about him are absolutely false when "I've done absolutely nothing wrong.’’ Brancaccia does admit to having messages that were exchanged between the two lovers.

He reveals that he even kept a diary of their times together.

Although Brancaccia denies any wrongdoing on his part, he does, however, admit that he wrote an e-mail to Firth with pictures attached of Guiggioli to prove that he was being truthful about the affair. But he concedes that he now regrets sending those pictures to Firth, who he says was understanding.

Very understanding, considering it was Firth who alerted the Italian police about the alleged harassment.

Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, was the first to break the story of the stalking by Brancaccia and the ongoing investigation by police. Guiggioli says she has been living in terror because she thought Brancaccia was following her and she also claims that he threatened to write detailed articles about their fling in order to ruin her. Brancaccia said the claims are "absurd." The Italian police are investigating and prosecutors are going forward with charges.