Craig Conover may have found himself a wonderful woman when he met Naomi while filming "Southern Charm," but from the beginning, it sounded like they struggled to make it work. He adored Naomi, but she appeared to be much more mature and had plenty of goals and ambitions. While filming "Southern Charm," Craig revealed he loved the life he and Naomi had created together, but she kept complaining about his lack of motivation. It was clear to her that he didn't have the same life goals as her. For years, he kept lying about applying to take the bar exam and becoming a lawyer.

Perhaps his lack of engagement and motivation was enough to push them apart.

According to a new Bravo report, Craig Conover is now speaking out about what went wrong in their relationship. As it turns out, Craig reveals that they actually broke up months ago. It's uncertain whether the breakup will be featured on "Southern Charm." Last season, the two explained that they did have their issues, as she would yell at him at events when he didn't do as she wanted. He would lash out at her, revealing that he didn't want to deal with her demanding ways.

Denies cheating

Craig Conover reveals that they ended their relationship because they simply kept pushing something that didn't make them happy. It's possible that they kept trying to push the idea of the perfect relationship, but it sounds like it wasn't working for them.

He also points out that no one was caught cheating or lying. He also points out that the breakup wasn't dramatic in any way, but it was sad and disappointing. If it is featured on the show, one can imagine that his "Southern Charm" co-stars will have to help him pick up the pieces. However, despite everything they have been through, Craig reveals that he's happy.

Ambitions a problem

During their relationship and throughout "Southern Charm," Craig Conover's ambitions have been an issue. He has tried to figure out what he wants in life, but it has been tough for him to stay focused. However, fans will be happy to know that he has finally taken the bar exam and passed. He is now a legal lawyer.

It's possible that Naomi and Craig ended things and he pushed himself to do something about his career, now that he is single. Fans will have to tune into the next season of "Southern Charm" to see how things turn out.

Are you surprised that Craig Conover and Naomi have broken things off? Are you surprised that nothing dramatic happened?