Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed that she has wrapped production on Halloween 2018. Shortly after Valentine's Day, Curtis revealed that she was done this chapter of her life and that fans would be happy with the final result. Jamie Lee Curtis shared that this final movie, which is made 40 years after the original John Carpenter movie, would stay true to the original and honor Carpenter's original vision for the story. But since this is the last movie with Jamie Lee Curtis, fans have many questions in regards to the ending. How will writers end this long-lasting and fan-favorite franchise?

Only one dies

Many of the movies have ended before Laurie Strode could kill her brother. In "Halloween: Resurrection," viewers were led to believe that Myers had finally killed his sister. However, given that Jamie Lee Curtis is returning in this new "Halloween" movie, it's expected that she didn't die and that the entire movie isn't based on flashbacks.

Very little is known about this movie's plot, but based on some photos on Twitter, it sounds like Strode may win the final battle.

According to a new tweet, it sounds like some photos do hint that Laurie Strode will come out victorious. In the photo, Laurie is lying right next to Michael Myers with her hand over her mouth, and Michael is simply lying next to her.

This could hint that she comes out victorious. Of course, Laurie could also be the one who will lose this final fight, so the horror of Myers will live on.

They both die

Since this is the final chapter, it is possible that Michael Myers will kill Laurie Strode but not before she gets her final chance to fatally wound him.

It would be an ideal ending to the franchise. If both characters die, then there won't be a follow-up film without Jamie Lee Curtis or Michael Myers.

Both survive

Of course, there's also the possibility that both will survive. Perhaps Michael will go back to a psychiatric hospital, while Laurie continues to live in fear. It would leave the door open for another movie, even though Jamie Lee Curtis has hinted that this is her last "Halloween" movie. It sounds like fans of the original would like to see this franchise end with the original movie in mind, which is something they have tried to do. Leaving both characters alive wouldn't necessarily close this chapter or end the story the way Carpenter would have wanted.

What do you think will be the outcome for "Halloween?" What would be the ideal outcome for this successful horror franchise?