The "Halloween" franchise is one of the most popular franchises in the horror movie industry, because of the story. Michael Myers, a deranged child, kills his older sister and tries to kill his younger sister, but she survives. Years later, he comes back to finish the job but she always manages to escape. Throughout the past many decades, Myers has hunted his sister as she tries to escape her past, but he always finds her and their battle remains unsolved. But it sounds like Jamie Lee Curtis is ready to close the chapter once and for all. "Halloween" is set to come out in October of this year and fans are already excited to see what writers have come up with for this new flick.

Fans of Michael Myers believe that this could be the final meeting between Michael and his sister, Laurie Strode. But it's uncertain who will come out victorious. While fans wait for the movie to come out, many fans are starting to create some amazing artwork that could set the scene for this new flick. According to a new tweet shared by a Michael Myers Twitter account, "Halloween" fans are sharing their amazing artwork and these pieces are so amazing, they will put you right back in Haddonfield, Illinois.

Fans are excited for the new movie

It's no wonder that fans are excited about this new movie. It's expected to be released just before Halloween in October of 2018, and one can imagine people will rush to the theatre to see if Laurie will finally kill off Michael.

For years, fans have wondered what Michael looks like now, as the original movie was from 1978. But it sounds like fans won't get to see him without his mask, as the newest movie is very true to the vision that John Carpenter had for the characters.

Jamie Lee Curtis has hinted that fans will be very pleased with the new movie, but she hasn't said what the outcome will be.

Maybe Michael will finally kill his sister and get what he's always wanted.

What is known

Not much is known about this upcoming movie. Jamie has revealed that they are done the filming, as they wrapped up production in February 2018. It's also known that the plot goes back to Haddonfield, Illinois where everything started. In several of the sequels, Curtis' role has always taken her away from Haddonfield, as she wanted to get away from her past.

But it sounds like she's going back to confront her brother, once and for all. Hopefully, the writers will take the time to explain her scene in "Halloween: Resurrection," as it was believed that she had been killed.

Are you excited to watch "Halloween" when it comes out in October?