Farrah Abraham's mom, Debra Danielsen, believes the former "Teen Mom OG" star has some mental health issues according to In Touch. Danielsen has been talking a lot since Farrah's termination from the MTV reality series and we have to believe that Farrah is not going to be too thrilled with what mom has been saying about her lately.

Mother and daughter chaos

Debra reveals that she believes Farrah is suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. She claims that Farrah has been really struggling for years and she is concerned for her overall well being.

Abraham's strong personality traits were very evident on "Teen Mom OG" with her mom often taking the brunt of Farrah Abraham's verbal attacks.

What is next for Farrah Abraham?

Deb has come forward with her personal thoughts on her daughter's mental status saying that if one has borderline personality disorder or narcissism, "all is not lost. I will say that, deep down inside, I know my daughter is kind, is loving, she is sweet and very compassionate. I think she works extremely hard. I think she needs to step back a moment and take some time and get healthy and take time for herself so she can heal."

Danielsen believes that mental health issues are something that people need to be open with and confront head-on to get the help and healing they need instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

While Debra's motherly concerns for her daughter seem to appear genuine some fans believe that she is walking a thin line when it comes to talking publicly about Farrah's life.

As previously reported, Deb also spoke out about her thoughts on Mackenzie McKee taking over Farrah's former spot on "Teen Mom OG" revealing that she did not believe fans would be able to relate to McKee as much as they did Farrah because she is a female bodybuilder.

Reality fans remember McKee from "TM3" and are looking forward to hearing more of her life story and how she continues to help her mom through her continuous battle with brain cancer.

It is also wondered now that her time at MTV has also come to an end as to what direction Debra's career will soon take.She has revealed more than once that fans have reached out to her stating she should remain on the show even without Farrah and that they would miss seeing Sophia grow up on television.

Who knows? Maybe she will plug for MTV's next reality series which might focus entirely on the cast members parents.

What are your thoughts on Debra Danielsen's comments on Farrah Abraham's mental health? Is she speaking out to help Farrah, or remain relevant post-termination? Do you believe this is going to cause more conflict between mother and daughter?