Farrah Abraham is not the only one sharing her thoughts on her "Teen Mom OG" replacement Mackenzie McKee, her mom has had some interesting and some bizarre things to say about the changes also. Debra Danielsen revealed that though she doesn't really know much about Mackenzie McKee's life and story, she feels for her family and her mother's battle with brain cancer.

Danielsen claims fans want to see her stay on 'Teen Mom OG'

Debra went on to wish Mac well but added that she didn't know just how relatable viewers will be to her since she is a female bodybuilder.

Is she saying that more "Teen Mom OG" viewers relate to an adult film star and internet entertainer? Farrah Abraham's mom went on with her phone interview to tell In Touch that she believes it is a "huge loss" that her daughter won't be on the reality series any longer because there are so many fans "WE" have.

Will fans relate more to Mackenzie than Farrah?

Danielsen also claims that a lot of fans have been expressing to her that they want to see her continue on the show. She added that Farrah is going to be missed and that fans are going to "miss Sophia grow up."

"All of these people have become part of my family and I'll miss them and I just really am sad about the whole situation. It's embarrassing, and it's hurtful, and it's sad.

" Debra does not forget to mention all of the haters, who are happy to see that Farrah was fired, and that she is never happy to hear of anyone getting fired, especially a "single mom."

It appears as if Debra Danielsen wants to stay on "Teen Mom OG" even when the reason she was ever on the series in the first place is gone."Teen Mom OG" fans are looking forward to the upcoming Reunion Special which will air in two-parts on Saturday, March 3 and Sunday March 4.

Set your DVRs, as you are not going to want to miss this drama-filled, explosive reunion!

As previously reported, the announcement was just made, revealing that MTV had hired Mackenzie McKee to fill Farrah Abraham's spot after she was fired from the network. Fans may remember McKee from "TM3" and can look forward to learning more about her story as a young mom, female bodybuilder, and her mother's courageous battle with brain cancer.

Now that Farrah's career with MTV reality television is over, what's next for Debra Danielsen? Will she continue plugging herself into a career in reality television, write another book, or focus mainly on her music career? What do you think?