The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has been released after a week off. Son Goku has proven that his mastered ultra instinct is stronger than Jiren’s full power. The intensity of their battle left fans all over the world shocked, especially after the return of Android 17.

Episode 130 recap

The battle of the century continued as Son Goku mopped the arena floor using Jiren’s face. Universe 11’s lone warrior was hopelessly overwhelmed by Goku’s mastered Ultra Instinct. He tried to defeat the Saiyan warrior using different attacks but he was hilariously outgunned every step of the way.

When he could not connect with a single punch, he desperately awakened his hidden powers by remembering his past trauma. At that point, he was able to momentarily surpass mastered Ultra Instinct and land a few decent attacks on Goku.

Things changed, however, when the Saiyan warrior stood up after being knocked down by Jiren’s ki blast. After a brief exchange of physical attacks, Goku was able to turn the tide against his opponent and knock him down a second time. It was then that Jiren went on a furious rampage and attacked the spectators. Goku was able to deflect the ki blast away from his friends and became angry at Jiren for trying to harm them.

Just when Universe 7’s victory was assured, Goku suffered from the effects of using Ultra Instinct.

He was knocked down without Jiren even trying. At Belmod’s suggestion, Jiren blasted the portion of the arena where Goku was lying down. Fortunately, Frieza’s ki blast was able to keep Goku away from elimination. Android 17 was also there, standing by Frieza’s side, preparing to fight Jiren in Goku’s place.

Goku will be trained by the Grand Priest?

It is undeniable that Ultra Instinct is a high-level skill that not all beings in the multiverse can learn and master. Unfortunately for Goku, he had to master it while in the middle of the harsh conditions of the Tournament of Power. His body was forced to learn Ultra Instinct through fighting strong fighters in the competition such as Jiren and Kefla.

During the "DBS" episode 131 preview, it was shown that the old and new Kaioshin and Beerus were shocked by something. In the same preview, it was also shown that the Grand Priest was smiling while turning his back. Could it be that Son Goku will be invited by the Grand Priest to learn more about the legendary Ultra Instinct? This theory is highly possible as the Angels are the experts when it comes to this coveted fighting skill.