You may remember "American Crime Story" from their previous season last year on the O.J. Simpson murder case and trial. Well, they are back again for season two! This year the hit new series season is centered around the man who committed a multi-state killing spree, including the murder of legendary fashion designer Gianni Versace. His name is Andrew Cunanan.

The murder of Gianni Versace

The murder of Gianni Versace is the focal point of FX's new television series "american crime story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace." So far, it shows what happened before, during, and after the famous designer's horrible murder, in front of his Miami estate, by Andrew Cunanan.

Years ago, the public assumed Versace's killer was just a guy whom Versace had dated for a while. But this was far from the entire story. Based on the new season, Cunanan became what you would call a mass serial killer well before he murdered Gianni Versace.

Andrew Cunanan's multi-state murder spree

The crazy thing about Andrew Cunanan was that he was extremely intelligent for his age, sitting at an IQ of 147, Cunanan was able to read the entire encyclopedia before the age of 11. This was very impressive during this time period and most who knew him believed the young man would grow up and have a brilliant career. But they were wrong. Cunanan grew up in a fairly wealthy neighborhood, but he and his family did not fit in well, financially.

This led Cunanan to a lifetime of deceit and manipulation, he was known as a compulsive liar which he obviously did in order to fit in with his wealthier friends in California.

One way that Cunanan would use his deceit and lies to his advantage was by manipulating older men with sexual advances. In return, these older men would arrange large financial investments for Cunanan.

This would ultimately fund Cunanan's luxurious lifestyle for a number of years until he was eventually cut off completely by his estranged boyfriend. Once cut off financially, Cunanan began to spiral downhill and it led to him becoming a serial killer at the time of his death.

5 men were murdered

In total, including Gianni Versace, five men were murdered at the hands of Andrew Cunanan back during the 90s.

Jeff Trail was the first murder victim. He was a Navy Veteran from Minneapolis that dated Cunanan for some time. David Mason was Cunanan's second murder victim. He was from Minneapolis, worked as an architect, and dated Cunanan for awhile but he also became a lover of Jeff Trail before his murder.

The third victim was Lee Miglin. He was a 72-year-old successful Chicago real estate developer. It is said that there were no proven relationship ties to Cunanan at the time of Miglin's murder, but there has always been speculation that Miglin was paying Cunanan off, to be his secret lover, and kept things strictly confidential due to because he was married.

What really started Cunanan spiraling out of control, according to the series, was when he murdered William Reese, a 45-year-old cemetery caretaker, simply because he wanted his red pick up truck.

The same red pick up truck that was used to drive all the way to Miami, Florida from New Jersey to kill Gianni Versace, the fifth murder victim. After Versace's murder, Andrew Cunanan committed suicide in a boathouse not far from Versace's estate.