"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that yet another Salem wedding will turn into a disaster. That's right, after Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandez's dramatic nuptials, Brady Black and Eve Donovan will attempt to tie the knot. However, this is one wedding that will not have a happy ending, and "DOOL" fans can expect to see another shocking wedding ceremony go down in flames in the coming episodes.

More wedding drama ahead in Salem

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers and news, Brady Black and Eve Donovan will excitedly get ready for their small, intimate wedding ceremony.

Justin Kiriakis, Sonny Kiriakis, and Paul Nartia were all shocked to hear that Brady and Eve wanted to tie the knot so soon after become intimate. However, while Eve has been swept off of her feet by Brady's good looks and charm, he has a hidden agenda when it comes to marrying Deimos Kiriakis' widow. It seems that Eve may possibly find out about Brady and Victor's plan to lure her into marriage in hopes of taking back control of the company that Deimos left to her when he died. Brady and his grandfather have been plotting about how to take Eve down since she returned to Salem and left everyone knows that she was now in charge of many of the Kiriakis family affairs.

"Days of our Lives" fans watched as Eve moved into the Kiriakis mansion and remodeled it.

The house is barely recognizable to those "DOOL" viewers who haven't watched consistently over the past few months. Now, Eve believes she's won the lottery by landing the affection of Brady. The relationship is a complicated one. Eve is the sister of Brady's former love, Theresa Donovan. Brady and Theresa had a rocky relationship, but finally settled down and fell deeply in love after learning about their son, Tate.

The pair raised Tate together and even planned to be married themselves before the unthinkable happened. A dangerous man from Theresa's past showed up, and Theresa was forced to lie to Brady by saying she didn't want to be a wife and a mother. Theresa then left town and planned to help the ISA take down the criminal. She hasn't returned to Salem since.

Brady loses his girl and his job

Meanwhile, as Eve and Brady's wedding kicks off, it seems that someone will happen to ruin it all. Perhaps "Days of our Lives" fans will see Maggie Horton-Kiriakis spill the beans about Brady and Victor's plan, or Eve will find out in another way. Either way, she'll be angry and devastated, and the latest "DOOL" spoilers reveal that she'll even fire Brady from the company.

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