'American Idol' has both Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan on the judge's panel. Laine Hardy had to sing a Bieber number with a girl group and it was totally not his thing. But he did pull it off and went through to the next round.

Fans were anxious and nearly as nervous as Laine Hardy was, but with a sigh of relief by all who were rooting for him on "American Idol," and a giant one from Laine, he managed to get through.

'American Idol' judge's tweet to Laine

Luke Bryan is not a biased judge, and his tweet to Laine Hardy was more of a tease than anything else.

He messaged @LaineHardyy March 26, 2018, about the 'American Idol,' "@lionelrichie and I feel for ya buddy. @lainehardyy #AmericanIdol."

To be fair, he also tweeted other contestants too. He sent out a tweet saying, " Super Dope Hotness showed us what the group rounds are for. Way to show up. #AmericanIdol."

Luke also tweeted, "@kaykaydna got that sparkle thing! #HollywoodWeek #AmericanIdol."

Lionel Richie also tweeted to Laine Hardy, "Oh man, poor @lainehardy_ I feel for you brother…#americanidol."

What Laine Hardy fans are saying on social media

Laine Hardy will be back for "American Idol"s' Sunday night, April 1, for the Solo Rounds, "as the remaining contestants are whittled down to 24," according to KSRO.

It seems that Laine has strength in solos and he is putting in a lot of practice. Fans are hoping against all hope that Laine will make it through to the top 24. But there is a lot of incredible talent out there, so if he does not, it will be no disgrace.

But he sure has some strong support. On Laine's facebook reviews page, one supporter from Virginia posted, "Laine Hardy is the complete package!

...Although there are many talented, experienced, and technically more advanced singers in the competition, they won't be able to touch his raw star quality."

Maybe it is the raw star quality of laine Hardy that is getting the 'likes' from the "American Idol" judges. In the meantime, it seems that Laine has something serene about him.

Across his social media, he's not letting his nerves show. He is playing it cool and quiet, and even if he does not make it through, he will probably keep the shy and appealing smile on his face, and just be grateful to have gone this far. Certainly, even without "American Idol," Laine is going places.

Laine Hardy thanked his fans for all their support the day after the group event and sang a song by request for them.

He also posted the cutest photo on his Instagram which was not stressing about April Fools Day and the top 24. Enjoy it below.