'Amercian Idol' pushed Laine Hardy way outside of his comfort zone. Hardy was not used to singing with a girl group and was missing his beloved guitar. On top of that, he had to sing and dance in a Beiber number that was so totally not his style. Nevertheless, our boy with the beautiful voice from Louisiana nailed it.

Many fans on YouTube complained that the girls in the group took no notice of Laine's recommendations and suggestions and that they chose a Bieber number that they obviously knew would not fit his style. But at the end of the day, Laine carried off.

He did not go with an over-the-top rendition, just kept it cool and the judges liked him.

'American Idol' - Country meets Bieber

Laine Hardy pulls off a Bieber song

Sure, the judges knew very well that he was outside of his comfort zone. As they explained, this is why they do this segment. It's to see what the performer can do with different genres, and without "that guitar" of his. Laine Hardy showed the judges his shaking hands afterwards, so it no put-on job either.

Our super-cool lad with the sleepy eyes and laid back country manner handled something that had his supporters hearts sinking. It takes talent to sing, it takes a lot more talent to sing something you know is just not you. This shows that we have an 'Amercian Idol' in the making in Laine Hardy, who will surely go onto greater things.

He will probably take a bit of friendly mocking back home from his mates too!

Later, Laine Hardy posted to his Instagram. He said, "I MADE IT !!! I’m so excited and that song was not for me haha that was the hardest thing ever! #americanidol#loveyourself."

Hardy supporters delighted that their country boy made it through

Of course, his supporters were over-the-top happy that he nailed a Bieber song.

Instagram follower kaitellis14, spoke for many when they posted, "Geeze... @laine_hardy, the beibs, really!? You nailed it but I’d much rather hear you sing CCR, Pearl Jam, Band of Heathens, Chris knight..."

User heather__reed, agreed with almost everyone by writing, "Wouldn’t have been a pick I would’ve chosen for you BUT you did great!!

On to the next round! ."

There were two contestants eliminated after the group act. Two were asked to step forward. The ones in the front row were sent home. Laine Hardy was in the back row.

Kaitlann Runnels, 17, got through with Laine, while would-be 'American Idols' contestants, Mia Desaris and Juliana Madrid were sent home.