Anyone who has been watching the current season of "Vanderpump Rules" will probably be surprised over the fact that jax taylor is now playing nice with co-star Lala Kent. The two reality stars have not gotten along in the past. This past week on the show when Kent came to the defense of Taylor’s girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, Taylor got vocal and told Kent that he didn’t even know her that well.

But times seemed to have changed. Taylor tweeted out on March 26th, “Finally got to meet @lala_kent man on Saturday at his birthday party and I have to say the guy was so kind and went out of his way for everyone that night.

Very refreshing in this town."

Controversial relationship

Kent has been linked to her boyfriend, movie producer, Randall Emmett for over two years now. Their relationship has been a topic of controversy in both the tabloids and on the show. Kent was accused of being a gold digger and dating a married man, as Emmett’s divorce from actress Ambyr Childers was just finalized at the end of 2017.

Although Kent kept their relationship under wraps the best she could, never even saying her man’s name on camera but that did not stop her co-stars from speculating about him.

Cat’s out of the bag.

It was not until this year, and after his divorce, that Kent has begun to be more open about his identity sharing photos on her social media.

Kent assures everyone that things with her man are the real deal despite all rumors she is after him for his money. And it looks now that everyone on the show has even met him.

Over this past weekend, the "Vanderpump Rules" cast was even in attendance at Emmett’s birthday party in Los Angeles. Kent shared a photo on her Instagram page saying how “lucky” she was to have all of her friends at her man’s party.

And according to Bravo, Taylor is not the only guy in the cast who took a liking to Emmett. Tom Schwartz said, “I’ve only hung out with him a few times. I do really enjoy his company; he’s really charming, driven, just an all-around really cool guy.” And Tom Sandoval added, “We’re both really good friends with him."

Friendships on the rocks

Noticeably absent from the birthday bash though were castmates James Kennedy and Scheana Shay.

Both of their friendships with Kent have been topics of concern lately. Kennedy after he continued to say hurtful comments about Kent’s relationship and is believed to be on the outs with his once bestie.

Meanwhile, Shay after she made comments about Kent’s music career in which Kent came back, calling Shay tone deaf. However, Kent said that Shay was in fact invited to the party but she was in Las Vegas for her show “Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man” and could not attend.

According to the Inquister, Emmett has been "acclimating himself" with the rest of the cast for the past few months. So with everyone now playing nice will we see Kent’s man on the show next season? Stay tuned.

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