There are rumors that Ami Brown has returned to UCLA due to cancer. Ami is the family matriarch of the Browns, featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Alaskan Bush People.” While some fans haggle over “reality” in the show, there is no debating that Ami’s cancer is real and support is definitely important.

The Brown Family reportedly returned to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles earlier this week, according to Radar Online. Speculation is that Ami’s cancer, which the family declared “cured” before earlier this year, might have returned.

That the family is back at UCLA drew attention because it houses the same medical facilities where Ami underwent chemotherapy treatments previously.

Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer. While she received medical treatment, the Brown family holed up in a California mansion, which also drew fans’ attention.

Ami was seen in a wheelchair one week ago, and she seemed thin

On March 23, Radar Online, as well as the Hollywood Gossip, reported that concern was growing that Ami is battling a recurrence of cancer. She was seen, appearing frail, in a wheelchair. Radar Online cited a source who claimed that Ami looked “thin” and that she also didn’t speak to anyone.

Earlier this week, members of the Brown family were rumored to have arrived in Los Angeles. Fans believe it was probably Ami, husband Billy, and son Bear. Again, a source told Radar Online that the three Browns were sighted on March 15 leaving Spokane International Airport.

From the sound of things, earlier this year, Ami was on the path to recovery. She experienced weight gain, important after cancer and treatment take a toll on the body, and she appeared well. Fans do not want the Brown family to have to deal with another crushing blow if the cancer is back.

Since seeing news that Ami was spotted in a wheelchair and didn’t look well, fans have been worried that she could be facing a setback and that she is headed for additional treatment.

The Browns have endured a lot over the past several months. The last thing the family needs is for Ami to face cancer and stare it down again. Fans will stand behind the Browns, and behind Ami, if she is going through more tests or treatment.

Viewers want to see the real Brown family, not the façade presented by Discovery

Though viewers don’t appreciate that the Discovery Channel presented the family as if they were more down-to-earth in everyday living than they actually achieve, fans do separate what the network has done.

Ardent viewers know it is important to remember that even reality stars need encouragement through tough times.

As the Browns come together and support Ami, fans are hopeful that Discovery will present the family in a more realistic and authentic light. Viewers have expressed that they are drawn to the family due to their “togetherness” – as one fan conveyed on social media.

Now that it is widely known that the Browns have not and do not live their everyday lives in the bush, but presently in Washington state, Discovery can reach into the wheelhouse of programming. Fans believe it’s time to get with the real in “reality.”

One of the things the Browns need least of all is fans’ fury over feeling betrayed.

To perpetuate the myth that the family survives by living off the land will not lead to viewer loyalty or continued viewing. Fans want Ami’s health to improve as much as they want a more realistic portrayal on the show.

What are your thoughts on Ami returning to UCLA?

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