Teen Mom OG” star Ryan Edwards was Arrested on Tuesday, March 27 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ryan was charged with heroin possession. News of his arrest is drastically different from the announcement made only hours earlier that Ryan and his newlywed wife, Mackenzie, were expecting their first child together.

First, the good news, and now, the bad news, left fans reeling. Details of the sudden turn of events are being pursued by RealityBlurb.

In this fresh and startling news, fans are wondering whether the father-to-be should have held off on announcing publicly that he was clean and if word of Mackenzie’s pregnancy should have been delayed.

Making such public declarations, as some fans speculate, might have added to the internal pressure Ryan could be feeling.


In the past, Ryan shielded or denied the extent of his drug problem, which has not enhanced clean and sober living. When fans believed that Ryan was either using or back in rehab recently, Mackenzie posted on social media that he was in a truck driving program.

When Ryan was en route to marry Mackenzie, the reality star was high on an unknown illicit drug. He passed out while driving and behind the wheel of the vehicle. Not good signs, but indicators of a serious drug problem fans think that Mackenzie is minimizing and evidently chose to marry him anyway in May 2017.

Fans consider that Mackenzie doesn’t see Ryan’s drug problem due to love for him

Mackenzie was with Ryan in the vehicle. She turned off the cameras after she attempted to control the vehicle. Many fans think she should have delayed the wedding and having a baby with Ryan. She didn’t marry Ryan just once. The couple renewed their vows in November 2017, which is the month they will adopt for celebrating their anniversary.

Some fans are asking how someone so close to him can repeatedly miss the signs and symptoms of drug use. Is the adage true in this marriage? Is love really blind? Other fans are thinking that her love for him has led her to subjective perspective of his behavior that people with more distance suspected.

Fans empathize with Mackenzie.

Being pregnant and having her husband arrested on the same day her elation over having a baby was shared with the world is a crushing blow. Red Bank City Police Department (TN) arrested Ryan at the couple’s home.

Ryan released from jail on $5k bond

The arrest warrant for Ryan was for revocation of his probation for a comparable criminal violation – possession of heroin. The Daily Mail (UK), heard from a jail spokesperson who relayed that Ryan’s bail, which has been posted, was $5,000. He bonded out and was released from police custody at 10:15 PM.

Many fans are waking up today (March 28) to the news of Ryan’s arrest while still wrapping their minds around Mackenzie’s pregnancy news. On the most recent episode of MTV’s “Teen Mom OG,” which aired on March 27, a tease was embedded that depicted Mackenzie holding her pregnancy test results.

Mackenzie displayed the positive result to an MTV producer, known as Jeni, according to the Daily Mail. Seeing the result, Jeni excitedly jumped up and down.

In addition to the baby that Ryan is expecting with wife Mackenzie, he also shares son Bentley with Maci Bookout. Ryan and Maci are from MTV’s “Teen Mom” franchise. Maci has strict rules for when Ryan has visits with their young son. Ryan’s visits with Bentley are supervised by Jen and Larry, Ryan’s parents.

Do you think Mackenzie is blinded by love for Ryan? Also, will Ryan’s new arrest affect visits with Bentley?

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