Farrah Abraham and Viacom reached a settlement on the sex-shaming lawsuit filed by the former MTV reality star. Farrah was a staple on the network’s “Teen Mom OG” show. She sued MTV’s parent company, which is Viacom, for $5 million.

According to Farrah, she felt shamed over her decision to pursue working in the adult entertainment business when MTV’s executives gave her an ultimatum. She could either continue working as a cast member on MTV’s branded “Teen Mom OG” or part ways and continue her path of working in the adult entertainment industry.

Farrah felt shamed by MTV execs, leading to lawsuit

Farrah believes she had to stand up for herself and should not have felt shamed for the work she chooses. Her lawsuit asserted that she believed she was harassed and humiliated, as well as discriminated against and disrespected by MTV in the way she was treated.

People TV Watch reported that Farrah’s attorney voluntarily dismissed her lawsuit on March 27 in Texas, since the suit was settled. The suit, at this point, was dismissed “with prejudice.” The same lawsuit cannot be filed again in the future.

Before filing the lawsuit, Farrah held a lofty self-opinion, calling herself the “biggest talent on the show,” according to Newsweek. To many viewers, that self-assessment also indicated that Farrah was her own biggest fan.

Following the settlement, Farrah told People that she does not regret filing the suit. If she had not done so, she also pointed out, she would have regretted not filing. The lawsuit was filed in the state of Texas, where Farrah lives and MTV executives delivered the ultimatum. It seems, too, that Viacom is resolved with the outcome and harbors no ill thoughts toward Farrah and her future endeavors.

Farrah’s representatives state that she is “thrilled” with the settlement. The terms of the settlement, according to US Weekly, are confidential, however. The lawsuit was premised on alleged wrongful termination.

In February, Viacom denied Farrah’s assertions to US Weekly. The company stated that her allegations didn’t have “merit.”

Farrah has drawn much attention, yet a lot of the focus has not been for positive reasons.

She was involved in chaos, drama, and feuds with co-stars. Many fans have considered her rude when seeing her social media posts, some of which incited other “Teen Mom” franchise cast members.

Farrah used fame to broaden her adult entertainment career

The reality star parlayed her fame from working for MTV to establish herself in the adult entertainment field. She’s done porn videos, pay-per-view exhibitionism, sold lingerie, and promoted adult toys. Her business choices seem not to have paralleled the brand image that MTV seeks for itself.

Farrah is much like MTV reality star Jenelle Evans. Neither cast mom has been a favorite among “Teen Mom” franchise viewers.

Despite troubles and disputes that Farrah has experienced, fans do wonder if she might return to reality television one day.

Some have suggested that she pairs with her mother, Debra, and work toward healing and building better relations with one another. Viewers would like to see the mother and daughter bond more for the sake of granddaughter Sophia.

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