Tammy Rivera did it again! Just 10 months after dropping her first single, "All These Kisses," Tammy is ready to prove she's no one-hit wonder. The "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" alum reportedly won't be seen on the hit VH1 series this season because she's just too busy. With her hands in the music and fashion worlds, it's easy to see what's taking up so much of Tammy's time.

Tammy's latest success

"Fate" is a seven-song EP containing Tammy Rivera's first track, "All These Kisses" and "Only One." Tammy packed four new songs around her first two tracks to form a fresh R&B album produced by Rico Love.

Though she released the new EP on Sunday night at midnight without much fanfare, Tammy's new music is starting to pick up speed on iTunes, Spotify, and even on YouTube where the tracks were revealed.

In addition to "All These Kisses" and "Only One," the four additional tracks on the "Fate" EP include a scorching "You Did This," as well as "Do Me Like That," "One Step Away," "I'll Stay Down," and "Lose."

It's clear that many of Tammy's songs were written with Waka Flocka in mind. She sings candidly about many of the things she and Waka have gone through over the years, making this music release relatable for many women going through situations similar to what she did.

Ultimately, love won for Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka.

Nearly two years ago, the couple was headed for divorce after some shocking cheating allegations against Waka almost destroyed everything. Much of their drama played out on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" but now, they are doing better than ever as Tammy works to build her music empire.

Already taking over iTunes

It didn't take fans long to listen to and love Tammy's latest release, "Fate." On Tuesday, she announced that the EP is now charting at number one on the iTunes R&B charts and is currently number seven overall.

She was especially excited to see that the "Fate'" EP cover has become the iTunes icon for the R&B category.

The release of "Fate " comes right on the heels of some major "All My Kisses" success. Last month, Blasting News reported that Tammy Rivera's first single went platinum after selling a million copies. With Rolling Out already reporting that Tammy's latest EP is a success and that her singing is "the real deal."

Tammy's dream of being a performer is being realized.

With seven tracks under her belt now, fans just want to know when she'll be performing live again. After all, Tammy's performance with Waka Flocka in February was a huge success. Click Here to listen to the EP and see for yourself!