TV reboots are all the rage and Tim Allen could find himself a new home with Fox. TMZ reports that Allen's comedy series "Last Man Standing" is on the top of the list of the Fox Network's possible TV reboots being discussed. It came as quite a shock to not only Tim Allen but to fans when the popular "Last Man Standing" was canceled in 2017. But now there is a lot of buzz that the comedy series is seriously being considered for a reboot.

Are TV networks running out of new ideas?

News reports stated in 2017 that Tim Allen's show was being canceled due to his political stance that he expressed in the series.

However, that did not appear to affect the March 27 premiere of the "Roseanne" reboot." "Roseanne" pulled in an amazing 18 million viewers for the series opener. Also, the series opener had very political themes. As previously reported, Roseanne Conner is a big Trump supporter, and that topic was explored in the new episode.

'One Tree Hill' and 'Dawson's Creek' reboots in high demand

Donald Trump even went as far as to call Roseanne Barr and congratulate her on the success of the show. He also took credit for the big viewing numbers pulled in thanks to "his supporters." "Last Man Standing" is not the only comedy series that Fox is interested in rebooting. According to reports, the network is also very interested in the possibility of bringing back "How I Met Your Mother," "That 70s Show," and "Malcolm in the Middle."

One other popular comedy series that Fox is said to want to reboot is "Married with Children," however, Ed O'Neil and Katy Sagal, who played Al and Peggy Bundy, are both busy on their current television series "Modern Family" and "Superior Donuts." More oldies but goodies being rebooted include ABC's "The Greatest American Hero" and "Get Christie Love." Freeform is also currently working on a "Party of Five" reboot.

TV viewers are all about the reboots now and have many shows they would love to see again including "One Tree Hill," "Gilmore Girls," "Dawsons Creek," and "Mad About You" on viewers' wish lists. Not only are television shows being rebooted, there are a lot of films being remade that are hitting theaters in the near future.

Some of these films include Stephen King's "IT," "Pet Semitary," "Halloween," and "OverBoard," to name a few. Are you a fan of remakes, or do you prefer the original versions? What are your thoughts on TV reboots? Is there a show you would like to see rebooted?