Sham Ibrahim isn't just the hottest pop artist in Hollywood right now, she's also a trans rights activist on a mission. The latest mission was definitely interesting and proved that Sham is both poised and full of grace even when facing the harshest critics and the greatest deniers.

Last week, Sham was a special guest on the YouTube shock-show "The Fallen State," a far-right weekly web series hosted by Jesse Lee Peterson. It happened to be the season finale for Peterson's series and thankfully, what could have turned into quite a show ended up being an eye-opening conversation that helps to both understand where Sham Ibrahim is coming from and also how she is received on a daily basis by those who don't support her way of life.

In the headline for the episode, Jesse Lee Peterson describes his meeting with Sham Ibrahim as "Drag Queen Artist Bashes Trump, Endorses BLM & 'Prays' To Overcome Transgenderism." While that headline is true, that is what happened during the roughly 45-minute episode, it's very misleading and warrants some explaining.

Black Lives Matter & Donald Trump

As the final episode of "The Fallen State" aired for the season, Sham Ibrahim and Jesse Lee Peterson began to discuss polarizing topics like Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter movement. Despite actually being black, Peterson is known for his support of Trump and for his disdain for BLM. He believes that Trump is the "great white hope" and that despite h low approval ratings, argues against any criticism of the current president.

Things got even more interesting when Black Lives Matter came up. Peterson, who seemingly has never had any runs in with police or know anyone who has, claims that police brutality doesn't exist. During the course of Sham's interview, he actually said that Rodney King deserved the police beatdown that he received. He shockingly sided with the police in one of the most notorious police beatings of all time even though it was caught on video.

Sham and Jesse continued to debate about taxes, with Peterson claiming that Trump's recent tax cuts have been helpful to Americans even though Sham pointed out that the tax cuts expire and won't help people forever but do help the rich for a very long time. Sham also pointed out that funds have been cut from very important places in order to make those cuts.

Skip to the most shocking part

After arguing both fiscal and social politics long enough to make it clear that Jesse Lee Peterson isn't interested in liberty or justice for all, they moved on to something more personal for Sham, Transgenderism. After confirming what body parts Sham was born with and which parts she still has, Jesse launched into a tirade about what is normal and what is not as if he has the right to tell anyone what normal is.

Jesse believes that a "man" choosing to dress up in women's clothes is not normal and throughout the interview, continued to insist that Sham Ibrahim must have gone through some childhood trauma or that she was abused and that abuse manifested itself by making Sham want to be a woman.

This assumption about Sham's sexuality was then forced on her after multiple denials that any abuse or trauma occurred early in life. In fact, Sham was raised in a very typical household by both her mother and father, who are still married to this day.

The point of the interview

Now, why would Sham Ibrahim even want to go on a show like "The Fallen State?" After looking over the headlines from previous shows from Jesse Lee Peterson's web series, one might wonder why she even agreed to join the show. After speaking to Sham, Blasting News learned exclusively that her appearance on the far-right web series was an attempt to help Peterson better understand how transgenderism works and to help the host of the shocking series to be more open-minded and accepting.

While it seems that Sham's attempt to befriend and influence Peterson may have been unsuccessful, every seed that is planted has the possibility of growing into something. Who knows if Sham Ibrahim made a difference in the mindset of Jesse Lee Peterson but she did a great job of standing up for the transgender community and defended their position with patience and grace that most of us just don't possess.

Be sure to watch this entire episode of "The Fallen State" in support of Sham Ibrahim and her mission to educate.