Tyler Baltierra recently visited Catelynn Lowell at her rehab facility in Arizona for family week. The "Teen Mom OG" stars have been dealing with quite a bit of drama in their lives lately and this is the second rehab stint for Catelynn since November. As Catelynn's pregnancy and miscarriage play out on the show, her reasons for seeking treatment are becoming much clearer.

Tyler confirms miscarriage

In a new "Teen Mom OG" sneak peek, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are seen in tears. Tyler says, "I really wanted that baby." In the same clip shown at the end of this week's episode, Catelynn was seen breaking down in her car, sobbing over the loss of their unborn baby.

In recent episodes, we saw how Catelynn broke the baby news to Tyler and then again with her mother April and Tyler's father Butch. They were very excited to expand their little family and the miscarriage news was absolutely heartbreaking for the reality TV couple. According to OK! magazine, Catelynn was around 6 weeks pregnant when she miscarried, meaning that she found out about the pregnancy, told her family, filmed it and then learned about her miscarriage all within a very short period of time.

Catelynn and Tyler are currently raising their 3-year old daughter Novalee. They have an 8-year old daughter Carly whom they gave up for adoption when they were just teens. Prior to learning about Cate's miscarriage, the pair were excited to be expecting their third child together.

Catelynn's trips to rehab

When Catelynn Lowell went to rehab back in November, she told "Teen Mom OG" fans that she was dealing with some suicidal thoughts. She was clearly having a hard time dealing with the miscarriage and left to get help soon after that happened. Catelynn returned home in December, only to turn right back around three weeks later and announce that she was getting more help.

Now that the episodes of "Teen Mom OG" that deal with her pregnancy news have aired, it's probably a good thing that Cate was already in treatment for a second time so she could get help dealing with the emotional toll of watching her heartbreak play out on MTV.

With the reunion show filming at the beginning of March, there are rumors that Catelynn Lowell won't be there.

Us Weekly reported that the decision to have Catelynn film has been left open depending on her emotional state and her recovery status as the filming date gets closer. Considering how much air time the pregnancy and now the miscarriage news has received on "Teen Mom OG," she just might not want to keep talking about the sad news.