Tyler Baltierra has been spending some time with Catelynn Lowell in Arizona as she gets ready to complete her second stint in rehab in the last few months. The "Teen Mom OG" dad even took a moment to brag about his wife and tell fans how proud of her he's been lately.

Considering how much Tyler loves Catelynn and how far he's gone to protect and defend her before, it shouldn't really surprise anyone that he's coming to her defense again and he's not letting anyone blame Catelynn's issues on him either.

Tyler blasts podcaster on Twitter

The latest "Teen Mom OG" drama started when Tyler was accused of causing Catelynn's issues.

He was especially criticized for causing Catelynn's weight issues based on some things we've seen aired on the MTV hit. It didn't take long for Tyler Baltierra to respond to the backlash and clear the air about what "Teen Mom" fans have seen on TV and what really happened.

In the lengthy message shared to Twitter, Tyler explained the "Teen Mom OG" edits and the backstory to what fans saw during the recent episode. He also shared more about the actual conversation that wasn't seen on TV and how it originated.

It only took roughly an hour before Tyler tweeted again about the claims that he was the reason for Catelynn Lowell's depression.

Again Tyler defended himself against accusations that he fat-shamed Catelynn and tried to get her to lose weight.

"You’ll see that I own my mistakes & never claimed to be “holier than thou," Tyler tweeted. "I never shamed her into losing weight, like I said, we hold each other accountable to our commitments. No intention at all to hurt reputations, just defend my wife & fight to end mental health stigma."

The tweets were aimed at Noel Harlow Lograsso, who is the co-host of a podcast that discusses "Teen Mom OG." Just a few days earlier, Tyler took aim at Noel when someone sent him screenshots of her mocking Catelynn Lowell and making fun of her depression.

It looks like that didn't stop her and now she's back with more to say about how Tyler treats Catelynn.

Tyler gushes over Catelynn

After visiting Catelynn Lowell in rehab, Tyler Baltierra had nothing but great things to say about his wife. He posted a couple of pictures of them together and said on Instagram that this visit had him feeling "hope, a feeling of peace, and unconditional love."

Now that Tyler and Catelynn are in such a great place, it's got to be hard to hear the criticism from those who are watching "Teen Mom OG" episodes that were filmed several months back.

Considering how long Catelynn and Tyler have been on TV, this is nothing new for them, and, considering how much both of the MTV stars are going through right now, it's understandable why some of the nastier comments would be so upsetting.